Twice as small metal melting furnace equipment power saving effect

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-23
Foshan constant Yang enterprise independent research and development production of small metal melting furnace main features: 1, choose the HTM - S IGBT integrated circuit encapsulation and different frequency conversion technology, ensure better durability, smooth operation, environmental protection and energy saving, power is greater. 2, has the dc and stable output power control function, great improve the heating process of metal material, maintain fast heating, commodity * sex hugely into full play. 3, down with the same conditions than traditional rectifier twice as high frequency heating equipment power saving effect, have 'small material use' to do the wasted effort effect, in addition to reduce electric power load and power consumption of electric power project, reduce the cost for you. 4, high load design, sustainable work in 24 hours. 5, have heat - Heat insulation - Refrigeration trinity time Settings, is beneficial to improve the quality of heating and the heat cycle, simple artificial service practice. 6, according to the output power and working frequency selecting host power supply, the higher the working frequency, heating depth, the lower the working frequency diathermy sex, the better. Small metal melting furnace use case: heating ( Hot forging, hot work together, melting) : 1, it is mainly to steel hot forging heating to a certain temperature ( According to the different heating temperature and material is not the same) According to the high-speed punching machine, forging a bed or other ways to steel forging into other appearance. Such as: atlas, table, door handle, abrasive notes, dining-room kitchen kitchen utensils and appliances, artwork, standard parts, standard parts, machinery parts production and processing, collectors, bolts, steel, the hot extrusion of the drilling tools. 2, hot with it in the middle of key is refers to different kinds of metal materials or metal materials and nonmetal materials according to the heating of metal material, by using the basic principle of thermal expansion or hot melt to join them together. Such as: computer heat sink copper and aluminum, net value of buried welding welding of steel-plastic tube compound, the aluminum foil seal ( Brown) , generator rotor, heating tube sealing these. 3, melting it key is refers to according to the heat of the metal material, the metal material into a liquid, and the key for iron, steel, copper, aluminum, zinc and its various precious metals. Such as gold, silver to melt. Small metal melting furnace product process characteristics: & emsp;   1, mainly through the precious metal crucible vessel moment for melting, refining and casting & emsp;   2, in view of the precious metals, platinum, palladium, rhodium, gold, gold, silver, copper, iron, gold powder, sands and tin tin slag, ash and molten gold metal & emsp;   3, the highest temperature can reach 1800 degrees - — A 2800 - degree & emsp;   4, in view of the ash powder metal commission amount small metal melting furnace - up to ninety-seven percent Cover an area of an area small
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