To quickly determine several methods of medium frequency melting furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-24
Medium frequency melting furnace is very important for a foundry equipment, its quality directly influences the whole foundry production efficiency. A good medium frequency melting furnace not only durable, robustness and energy saving, can save a lot of manpower and time cost to the enterprise. So users not only the price when choosing medium frequency melting furnace, the following is a professional and technical personnel to introduce how to choose the good medium frequency melting furnace equipment several Suggestions: quick judgment method 1 of medium frequency melting furnace, copper platoon: connect the copper platoon is copper color, so it is not right. Formal power equipment copper pieces must be white plating, silver plating, best can also be tin plating or nickel. Because of easy oxidation of copper sheet, and will be more and more serious, contact resistance will be more and more big, the power consumption with increased slowly. A few manufacturer are province cost the plating of this ring, the results manufacturers save a penny or a little bit, but users will unconsciously to pay for a long time. If this money is to save, you want to alert the - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Can be more device can save something. 2, aluminum capacitor: is there a regular, standard, enhanced, and the general size, weight, can see out from appearance, enhanced is good but the price is high. The 0. 75 - Capacitance technology is not mature, 2000 is low price but generally not long service life. 3, the circuit breaker ( Open) And also last: models - the right has a wooden handle is eliminated - - - - - - DW10 DW16, or can be an electrician. This price is several times lower open protection performance is poor. Equipment is just a normal circuit breaker switch, seemed less important, accident when this is the last line of protection level one thousand ineffective financial consequences. 4, the thickness of copper has advantages and disadvantages, this also directly affect the performance and power consumption. Brass products, although can't see the thickness, but the appearance and can be concluded that: the thin copper tube during bending easier than thick middle sag, induction coil, like a concave badly is thin. Best contract indicate the thickness, number theory of fittings shall be catty don't buy the brass the class. 5, reactor, can see the size of the whole, including the brass core size, thickness, copper pipe is a good but thick thin silicon steel sheet is good. Silicon steel sheet generally tens of thousands of yuan/ton, tens of thousands of yuan/ton. Small reactor level difference thousands of yuan, the works fine but will be more power and influence the protection performance.
continuous casting and rolling aluminum smelting furnace is generally used to induction electric melting furnace.
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