The vacuum melting furnace what kind of role do you have

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-10
Vacuum melting furnace is under the condition of vacuum, using the medium frequency induction heating principle, the metal melting complete vacuum smelting equipment. Suitable for scientific research and production units to nickel base alloy and special steel, precision alloy, high temperature alloy, non-ferrous metal and its alloy smelting and casting under the vacuum or protective atmosphere. Also can be used as the smelting and casting of rare earth metals and hydrogen storage materials. Vacuum melting furnace have what kind of effect can be without destroying in the process of smelting smelting room temperature under vacuum condition, sampling, dao and observation, the main material feeding and alloy composition adjustment, etc. At the same time by charging valve inert gas to control the pressure inside the vacuum melting furnace and atmosphere. Casting can be poured a spindle and the spindle and load the preheating heat preservation mold, water cooling mold, as well as for centrifugal casting sand mold box. According to the functional form is divided into intermittent and semicontinuous. Vacuum melting furnace, furnace structure and layout of the heater, temperature uniformity is good. Degreasing box with special structure, good sealing effect, degreasing, completely pollution-free the furnace components. Vacuum melting furnace furnace with flexible vacuum, vacuum sintering, the micro positive pressure sintering, partial pressure sintering, the micro positive pressure degreasing, and other functions with the advanced heat insulation structure and material of furnace and heat insulation performance is good, heat storage, less than the traditional design and energy saving more than 20%. Is the touch screen operation, PLC central control, simple operation, high reliability. The mesa vacuum melting furnace radiator is necessary to match the standard components mesa, prevent partial pressure, pressure slanting, and damage to the device. Mesa of intermediate frequency furnace radiator with high degree of level off, the light is necessary. Equipment components and radiator mesa mesa should adhere to clean, clean, no oil dirt, etc. If you work in a vacuum furnace has the fault, such as super WenChao pressure equipment will automatically alarm, mechanical automatic pressure protection, interlock, and other functions, high safety equipment. At the same time can also remote operation, remote fault diagnosis and remote software upgrades, and other functions.
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