The vacuum melting furnace manual operation

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-10
The working principle of the vacuum melting furnace is metal and alloy under vacuum conditions in a special smelting technology. Mainly includes vacuum induction melting, vacuum arc remelting and electron beam melting. With the rapid development of modern science and technology, especially in the aerospace, Marine, energy and the rapid development of electronic industry, for metal materials ( High alloy steel and alloy) Variety, yield and quality of higher and higher demands are proposed. Vacuum melting furnace manual precautions vacuum melting furnace is mainly used for smelting metal materials under vacuum or protective atmosphere ( Such as stainless steel, nickel base alloy, copper, alloy steel, nickel and cobalt alloy, rare earth neodymium iron polishing agent, etc. ) , also can be used in the vacuum refining and precision casting alloy steel. Vacuum melting furnace by the furnace cover, furnace, furnace bottom, crucible rotation mechanism, vacuum system and intermediate frequency power supply control system. Furnace cover, furnace, furnace bottom are double water cooling structure, furnace shell temperature less than 60 ℃. Specific operation is manual open the lid of the stove. Vacuum furnace cover is equipped with observation holes and baffle. In order to facilitate adding alloying elements in the process of smelting, specially installed on furnace cover alloy feeder. Furnace with induction coil. By rotating the handle manually outside the furnace can easily melt in the crucible in ingot mold. Form of ingot mould can be designed into water. Crucible upper a temperature measuring device. By two stage pump, vacuum system, K - Oil diffusion pump and 2 x - 300 70 mechanical pump. Mechanical pump is equipped with electromagnetic air valve, prevent oil return after blackout. Vacuum unit is equipped with exhaust valve and charging valve. Vacuum melting furnace door closed lax, inspection door hinge is loose, whether PLB deformation, door seal belt is damaged, door plank deformation? If there are abnormal noise blower, please check carefully if there is a foreign body into the fan rotor, or a fixed motor whether the screws is loose. Pneumatic valve does not work, first check whether the corresponding electromagnetic valve can work normally, compressed air pressure to meet the job requirements? If air pressure is normal, the electromagnetic valve is good also, it must be a pneumatic valve itself is broken, must be replaced.
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