The role of intermediate frequency furnace cooling coil

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-06
The role of intermediate frequency furnace cooling coil technology encyclopedia coil is? Answer: in the neutral point grounding system of single-phase earth fault occurs, there is a lot of capacitive current flows through the point of failure, and make the grounding arc is not easy to go out, sometimes to expand for the interphase short circuit. So, often in neutral with arc suppression coil system, using inductance capacitance current compensation current, the arc fault quickly extinguished. The coil circuit is refers to the inductor. Is a root a guidelines. Intermediate frequency furnace reactor which good answer: air cooling and water cooling medium frequency furnace reactor smoking, may be water or cooling water circuit turn-to-turn insulation falling short circuit, check the cooling water loop is unobstructed or quantity is too small, check insulation breakdown phenomenon is there smoke part, macroscopic observation only. Water hot smoke should be large, Coil as a whole) , water and normal local smoke is likely to be caused by short circuit. Intermediate frequency furnace water-cooled cables for why a: the effect of intermediate frequency furnace cooling coil in medium frequency electric furnace, water-cooling cable for the connection between the capacitor and melting furnace, because in the process of work, capacitance and inductance ( Melting furnace coil) In resonant state, the current is usually ten times the input current, so, for example KGPS500KW / 1 s intermediate frequency electric furnace, melting furnace for 1000 kg, the output current of about 1100 a, flows through. Transformer coil what is the role of the role of intermediate frequency furnace cooling coil a: transformer mutual inductance transformer and autotransformer divides into two kinds. By change of current in a coil, a magnetic field changes, the secondary coil of changes in changing magnetic field induction current. The ratio of the primary coil and secondary coil determines the change of the transformer ratio. Coil in the whole process, have power to magnetic energy to electrical energy conversion effect, at the same time. Actually does control coil of a: using the principle of electromagnetic electrical energy into mechanical energy and realize the control function, coil and inserted in the armature coil form an electromagnet, electricity produced by the magnetic force can make the armature coil mechanical movement, drive the contactor to complete the work on or off circuit, so as to realize the output of want, therefore is a major part of the relay coil by coil current is. Heating principle of intermediate frequency furnace answer: medium frequency furnace is mainly composed of induction coil, induction coil, power supply, and made of refractory material in the crucible. Within the crucible containing metal furnace charge, equal to each winding transformer, induction coil, when on ac power, to produce alternating magnetic field in the induction coil, the magnetic force line in the crucible furnace charge, metal is produced in the furnace charge induction electromotive force, due to form a charge itself. The role of water cooling coil inductance coil of intermediate frequency furnace answer: role choke inductor coil self-induction of electromotive force always changes with the current in the coil. Inductance coil of alternating current effect, effect according to the size of the inductance xl, the unit is the ohm. Its relationship with the inductance l and alternating current frequency f for xl = 2 PI fl, inductors can be mainly divided into high frequency and low frequency choke choke coil coil. Tuning and frequency selection. Intermediate frequency furnace coil heat to 100 degrees is what reason? A: connected with the coil in the first heat to 100 degrees, the temperature is not high, prove that water pressure is too small, what do you want to 02 mp, the furnace pressure at least start the fever, you said that you feed line, the next you stove pool is too small, can't add a cooling tower. What is the role of the antenna coil? Thank you very much! A: the role of intermediate frequency furnace cooling coil air radio waves into high frequency electrical current to the input end of the receiver. Or the transmitter high frequency electrical current to the transmitting antenna radiation. A frequency selective. Transfer. Matching impedance etc. IC card water cooling coil what is the role of intermediate frequency furnace coil role a: IC card, chip attached to the coil, you induction card, coil cutting, speaking, reading and writing device of magnetic field lines, an electrical current, signal by chip, receive specified sent by reading and writing. The role of intermediate frequency furnace cooling coil to coil technical data specifically what is action? The role of intermediate frequency furnace cooling coil a. inductance coil is to use insulated conductor ( Enameled wire, cotton covered wire, wire, etc. ) * * * A circle abuts a figure to winding in ac circuits, the role of alternating current through the obstacles in the coil, and the stability of the dc voltage is doesn't work, Dc resistance line indictment itself) 。 So the coil can be in ac circuits for choke, variable pressure, commissure, load, etc. When. Keep in starter coil and what is the function of attracting coil? Answer: ST ignition switch to start attracting coil 2 foot 1 keep 3 4 carbon brush motor coil 5 armature coil B + battery anode startup ST foot power supply at 4 to attract low potential coil with carbon brush motor coil circuit, and keep the coil at the same time job can produce a larger magnet, attracting armature movement, after the armature movement in place, the rear contact, and 4 for high potentials. The winding function of PLC a: double coil as a floor, is the coil output with two or more times, such as the two outy0, through the search function programming software, see several y0 output. Want to make double coil to eliminate the best borrow the center mark, such as a outm0 a outm1, reoccupy m0 and m1 to output y0. Intermediate frequency furnace and maintenance of the principle of intermediate frequency furnace cooling coil answer: the effect of the working principle of intermediate frequency power supply as follows: the three-phase bridge type all control will ac rectifier for dc rectifier circuit, after the flat wave reactor, became a constant dc current source, then through single phase inverter bridge, the dc current inverter with a certain frequency ( Generally between 1000 and 8000 hz) The single-phase medium frequency current.
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