The quality problem in gear quenching and the solution

by:Hengyang Furnace     2021-01-08
Whether carburizing and quenching, carbonitriding, quenching, induction heating quenching or whole quenching, heat treatment of gear quenching process may appear quality problems mainly include: 1, insufficient hardness after quenching, quenching hardness uneven, quench hardening depth is not enough. 2, the middle of the back of quenching hardness is too high. 3, quenching deformation error. 4, quenching cracking. 5, after oil quenching surface brightness is not enough. Factories often appear this kind of quality problem with the material of gear, pretreatment, quenching heating and quenching. Beyond material, before treatment and after problems in heating, the effect of quenching medium and related technology is particularly prominent. In fact, in recent years, abroad for quenching research also proved that in the improvement and work to improve the quality of heat treatment, the most notable is the quenching cooling. Quenching is mostly done in liquid medium. Gear quenching with usually quenching oil, water-soluble quenching medium, and tap water. Therefore, the following will be the first to analyze gear quenching cooling the above quality problems that may occur and the relationship between the features and usages of quenching medium used, and pointed out that solving the problem of different cooling rate of the quenching liquid distribution characteristics. Then introduces commonly used cooling of quenching medium velocity distribution features and the matters needing attention.
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