The production of intermediate frequency furnace - Can be customized according to customer's requirements

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-28
Material in the closed furnace, after rush in furnace gas cylinder to put down the low temperature plasma gun starting at low temperature plasma arc and induction heating power supply. Key pyrogen is provided with the help of a temple device, low temperature plasma gun heating is auxiliary pyrogen. When etc in gun with induction heating power output from manufacturing medium frequency melting furnace when the ratio of output power to expand, is beneficial to improve melting rate. Application in melting period, sheng heating power of the average total power output. In order to better promote deamination actual effect, can add a small amount in the melting process aluminum and silicon in deamination. After all the molten material, reduce the sensor output power, slag, reduce the low temperature plasma gun power output. Since then, go to the scouring period. The key manufacturing medium frequency melting furnace refining period daily tasks is the flue gas desulfurization deamination and fine-grain strengthening. Can remove sulfur melting period. Joan early carbon, sulfur and reduce, carbon to ryukyu and the low temperature plasma induction furnace off decay is common to take off the way of ammonia is spread out to take off the ammonia and sink deamination. In smelting slag, the slag layer add powdered deoxidizer, such as alumina, silicon carbon powder, silicon fans, etc. , are keeping in the slag composition is lower than the standard. Spread out to take off the ammonia can reduce oxygen content. In the late scouring and before the steel sink deamination. To add a conducts preliminary deamination Yun deamination. Because is neuter atmosphere deoxidizer utilization rate, and the general induction furnace utilization rate up and down. That low temperature plasma production of intermediate frequency furnace steel or chemical and sundry total number of gold is low. Fine-grain strengthening mainly bright elements such as add. In the late refine their pure metal or aluminum alloy way according to the hopper add. Because neuter atmosphere, element to add the order is not strict, the first to add the total number of elements, then add the total number of elements. Bright elements add after, immediately with large power of mixing. Steel and aluminium alloy composition key according to the seasoning, less by analyzing outside the furnace. Heng Yang manufacturing medium frequency melting furnace, application can be based on customer requirements, customized size and main parameters of induction power supply, can sign a contract, can be bought and sold public account, open 16% value invoice, technical professional technical after-sales service team, 24 hours service, medium frequency melting furnace - quickly resolve the difficulties Exsolution of nitrogen mass transfer resistance is small. Choose medium frequency melting furnace - Aluminum enterprise to carry out the final spread outside the deamination deamination induction medium frequency melting furnace - Antirust period can reach more than 5 years - medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer To maintain high vacuum value the choice of intermediate frequency furnace working frequency
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