The principle of induction heating quenching machine and automatic quenching machine tool have to differ

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-26
Basic principles: 1, automatic quenching machine tool automation and induction coil, quenching machine tool is to use sensors or current intensity and frequency of controllability, accurately control quenching depth, commonly used to surface hardening. The key by quenching machine, high frequency power supply ( High frequency power supply, super audio power supply, ultra high frequency power supply) Most quiet, refrigeration equipment. In which high frequency quenching machine tool by the bed body, clamp around organization, holding the rotation group, quenching transformer and the series resonant tank circuit, refrigeration system, quenching liquid circulation system, electrical equipment automatic control system; 2, the basic principle of induction heating quenching machine, induction heating quenching machine has a 50 hz ac dc current changes for high frequency above 300 hz - 1000 hz power equipment, the three-phase alternating current, dc rectifier after into alternating current, alternating current (ac) into a flow of high frequency electric adjustable, provided by the capacitor and induction in the electromagnetic coil through the high frequency alternating current, in the induction coil of the high density of magnetic induction line, and dressed in induction coil, laser cutting metal composite material, cause a lot of vortex in the metal composite material. Because the basic principle of high frequency induction heating for electromagnetic induction sensor, its calorific value in the products within the workpiece itself, regular staff with intermediate frequency electric furnace works carried out ten minutes after forging task of continuous work, without burning furnace technology professional staff early burning furnace and furnace work. The relative density of zhejiang quenching machine tool automation quenching liquid
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