The new intermediate frequency induction electric furnace temperature control method

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-22
From the superiority, the development trends of the intermediate frequency induction furnace condition, civil engineering construction installation problems and ecological environment protection and so on various aspects carries on the explanation, summarized the intermediate frequency induction furnace include water-cooled radiator system software, system software and hydraulic transmission system grounding system leakage protection system within the system software and so on, made clear that the ash, the environmental pollution such as noise and harmonic management solution *. According to the traditional cupola melting, medium frequency induction furnace smelting has advantages such as higher quality, high efficiency, stability, environmental protection, there are many development prospect. Traditional medium frequency induction furnace temperature control is a professional estimate smelting waste ( Liquid metal composite material) , human services close to tell the temperature, the heat resistance for precise measurement, high work experience requirements for operation staff, continuous temperature detection consumes a lot of heat resistance. If temperature detection will not immediately, may cause liquid metal composite material overheating, crevice corrosion ingredients or damage to the recycled waste. The present new intermediate frequency induction electric furnace temperature control method is to use automatic control system on the basis of energy balance. It is based on a complex embedded mobile software constantly test the output power of high frequency switch power supply in addition, the operating temperature, cooling, cooling circulating water temperature and flow rate constant inspection, used to calculate the energy of the intermediate frequency induction furnace consumption. Send into the energy of the intermediate frequency induction furnace and medium frequency induction furnace energy difference is that heavy waste of energy, establishing mathematics analysis, calculate calculate the medium frequency induction furnace smelting waste heat injury. And software error adjustment effect, adjust itself to calculate 3 d modeling, make future values closer to the actual results. Medium frequency induction furnace Stir the carburization process also cannot ignore intermediate frequency induction furnace Suitable for metal smelting medium frequency induction furnace The methods of dealing with the common faults and fault phase
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