The new 2020 heng Yang air-cooled upcoming induction heating equipment

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-20
Outbreak of the new champions league while escalating abroad, but domestic basically has in the past, all walks of life also started the normal production and operation. Heng Yang company after more than a year of time carefully research the air-filled type induction heating equipment is listed. The market at present all of the induction heating equipment in order to achieve the needs of the operation. All external cooling material will be taken to heat dissipation. Common is cold water and oil in two ways. Due to external water cooling equipment, when used to cause much inconvenience. After all, we buy the machine back to use immediately, and at present the mainstream of machine also can't do it, you must first give the machine equipment for the cooling system. Such as water tower pump, or cold water machine, etc. In order to solve such problems, heng Yang company called years of experience engineer, hui teachers and students of a university with many electromagnetic research, carefully more than a year of research and development, the prototype has been produced, is commissioning test. Believe that before long, a new air-cooled forthcoming induction heating equipment. When the time comes will effectively solve the cooling system of water-cooling trival. Due to the production process, at present the equipment can only be customized production, if you have needs, can contact Mr Xu domestic users call 13592729337 or 18820345979 li. Please call 187 - foreign trade exports 2095 - 9764 alisa describes induction heating equipment work station will never allow the grounding device inductive heating induction heating equipment control and protection system of other applications
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