The intermediate frequency furnace boiler cleaning machine

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-27
Intermediate frequency furnace boiler cleaning machine technical data of intermediate frequency furnace filter configuration parameters, do you know what kind of intermediate frequency furnace boiler cleaning machine answer: believe everybody knows in the production of intermediate frequency furnace temperature is very high, in the process of the general filter bag is giving such a high temperature, high temperature flue gas dust we have a special response and material. The configuration parameters of intermediate frequency furnace filter do you know what? Follow the below small make up look at the entire configuration parameters, in order to facilitate the users. Intermediate frequency furnace operators by electricity is what a: insulation problems. Must be kept clean in the hearth, not regular cleaning of scale in the hearth, found a knot off places must use the same material mends and drying. In addition, check whether there is a hose leakage or water penetration? If it is a heating furnace, furnace with two stainless steel, in the furnace inlet pressure over the head with a stainless steel screw. Matters need attention of intermediate frequency furnace answer: 1, to check the good before blowing in electrical equipment, water cooling system, sensor tubes are in good condition, otherwise prohibited furnace. 2, furnace melting in excess of the prescribed shall promptly repair. It is strictly prohibited in melting too deep inside the crucible for melting. 3, sending and furnace should have someone who's in charge, after sending it is forbidden to contact sensors and cables. On duty shall not leave post, pay attention to the sensor. What reason is burning appliances medium frequency furnace turned on? A: medium frequency furnace boiler cleaning machine, intermediate frequency furnace and medium frequency furnace, especially 6 pulse in the work process, can produce a large number of harmonic, especially as its representative, 5,7,11,13 harmonic content is very high, the harmonic, tolerance, more than the electrical harmonic will cause its not work properly, and even damaged. Intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking points of intermediate frequency furnace boiler cleaning machine answer: god light electric co. , LTD. Web site is introduced as follows: a, the task of smelting steel part of the main raw material is steel scrap and pig iron. Outsourcing in scrap steel rust, with mud and other dirt, sulfur, phosphorus content in steel is higher also. Steel's task is to put the above conditions of raw material of smelting gas and low inclusion content, composition of qualified, temperature meet the requirements of high quality. The service life of intermediate frequency furnace answer: in addition to the requirements of the physical and chemical indicators, burden coefficient of expansion as small as possible, in order to avoid the use of expansion of crack due to repeated temperature difference effect, affecting the service life of crucible. According to the equipment models, melting materials of ph and melting temperature control to determine. At present, the domestic intermediate frequency furnace crucible of masonry materials with quartz sand and high alumina materials. Suitable for the high alumina material 500 kg. Failure 1 failure phenomenon: intermediate frequency furnace large dc current when starting, low voltage dc voltage and frequency and over-current protection device and start the deep voice. Analysis: there is a bridge inverter bridge arm of the thyristor may cause short circuit or open circuit inverter bridge running three arm bridge. Oscilloscope were observed four bridge inverter bridge thyristor (tube voltage waveform on the arm of the if there is a bridge. The working principle of intermediate frequency furnace electronic answer: the working principle of intermediate frequency power supply working principle of intermediate frequency power supply for: three-phase bridge type all control the ac rectifier for dc rectifier circuit, after the flat wave reactor, became a constant dc current source, then through single phase inverter bridge, the dc current inverter with a certain frequency ( Generally between 1000 and 8000 hz) The single-phase medium frequency current. Electric load by the induction coil and compensation. Intermediate frequency electric furnace operation procedures a: intermediate frequency electric furnace operation procedures: 1, check whether the water drainage systems, the hydraulic pressure gauge is normal, the pipe is leaking. Electric control cabinet of the feed water pressure for 01 mpa, condenser water pressure 008 mpa, furnace feed water pressure for 02 mpa, transformer of the feed water pressure as 01 mpa. 2, water after normal through to protect the tank control power supply first, in the start of transformer. Medium frequency furnace flow is why a: intermediate frequency furnace boiler cleaning machine to produce the flow of the main reasons are: ( 1) Small lead Angle B before a tuning, make inverter thyristor commutation time tC increases, the corresponding reserve time tB is reduced, thus difficult inverter in tube flow, flow, make the inverter failed. We know that tD = tC + tB which tD for lead before the triggering time, tC for commutation time, to reserve time tB. Only when the tB> Tq, can ensure shutoff crystal. Intermediate frequency furnace boiler cleaning machine technical data medium frequency furnace waterway jam how to unclog the intermediate frequency furnace boiler cleaning machine answer: electrical or furnace? Can if be interface, can clear under the mouthpiece down, or use the breath of air compressor. Whether blocking the normal use, using temperature measuring gun its surface temperature measurement. How to improve the medium frequency furnace service life? Intermediate frequency furnace boiler cleaning machine answer: first of all, intermediate frequency electric furnace in the initial and subsequent use, must be in play lining and its sintering furnace. Lining according to different raw materials and smelting need divided into acid and alkaline lining, our factory is using acid lining.
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