The importance of the safe use of medium frequency melting furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-03
Of intermediate frequency electric furnace using will encounter the problem of flue gas, together with us today to learn how to deal with flue gas problem, extend equipment life cycle. Of intermediate frequency electric furnace in the process of our work must first understand the evaporation flue gas in the form of the layout of the spray cooling nozzle and nozzle position and design scheme of intermediate frequency electric furnace cooling tower. The importance of the safe use of medium frequency melting furnace, therefore, the large capacity can use large pieces of intermediate frequency furnace burden, small capacity induction furnace using a small piece of furnace charge. The distribution of the induced current in the metal conductor obey the skin effect. Burden and the induction current in liquid steel is to obey the skin effect, in turn, weakened from the surface to the center. To reduce the surface current strength the strength of the current 36. 8% of that distance to the surface of a conductor is called current penetration depth, the induction furnace charge current mainly concentrated within the penetration depth layer, strengthen heat material heat supply mainly consists of surface layer, in order to charge the whole cross-section for the same temperature, the extension of heating time and furnace charge increase in the number of heat into the surrounding medium loss, thermal efficiency to drop. If the penetration depth layer and burden cooperate proper geometry size, the heating time is short, high thermal efficiency. What to often clean the medium frequency melting furnace in operation room is also a reason; 1, because often clean up the room, and the power supply as well as contained in the coil inside the dust can be very good to prevent insulation phenomenon, also can reduce the frequency of failure. Often see each cooling way of water and water pressure are also necessary. 2, in addition to checking the necessary, but also for each connection parts such as bolts and nuts is very closely connected, if loose shall timely to tighten these parts, so can very good prevent parts burned phenomenon. Because of medium frequency melting furnace flue gas temperature and the variation of flue gas, and the pace of change are able to adjust, in plus the amount of water in the spray system must follow the change of the intermediate frequency electric furnace. And spit out particles also must remain unchanged. So a good flue gas cooling system must be equipped with a good quality and high precision of nozzle, should also be prepared have a plenty of a reaction speed automatic control system.
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