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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-26
Description: gear transmission is a very important dynamic force, so you need to meet high strength, good toughness, wear resistance, and good capability of fatigue resistance and impact resistance. So not only on the material selection is very strict, the processing technology of the material and the gear shaft heat treatment equipment need to be very high requirements.     Gear transmission shaft material introduction & emsp;   Gear shaft can generally adopts carburizing steel, but sometimes also USES the quenched and tempered steel, especially the large gear shaft. In practice production of repeated trial and adjustment, the gear shaft with systematic steel has been formed, and the steel grade is concentrated, such as Germany's CK45, 34 crmo, 42 crmo4, 34 crnimo6 steel; This kind of steel in the United States mainly for the steel 4130, 4340, 4150, 4140; Japan's steel is SCM4, SNCM8, etc. For the purpose of these steel alloying, one is to make the steel has good hardenability, so that after hardening gear shaft can get enough thickness of layer of martensite, such elements in manganese, chromium, molybdenum and so on to improve the hardenability effect is more obvious. 2 it is to make after tempering gear shaft will still maintain good comprehensive mechanical properties, such as vanadium carbide forming elements of chromium, manganese, join, can significantly improve the tempering stability.     42 crmo steel & emsp;   42 crmo steel conformity degree is very good, the performance of its after normalizing, tempering, induction heating surface hardness after quenching and low temperature tempering can reach HRC50 high hardness, surface wearability, the core hardness can reach HRC35 ~ 45. 42 crmo steel, high strength and high toughness, good hardenability, after quenched and tempered high fatigue limit and the repeated impact resistance. Quenching deformation of small, high temperature creep rupture strength and high, and no obvious temper brittleness.     42 crmo steel contains the alloy elements Cr, Mo. The chromium can increase the hardenability of steel and have the secondary hardening effect. Carbon steel can be improved the hardness and abrasion resistance. The content is more than 12%. Make the steel has good high temperature oxidation resistance and oxidation resistance of medium corrosion. The main function of chromium in the quenched and tempered steels is to improve the hardenability. The steel after quenching tempering has good comprehensive mechanical properties, can also be formed in the carburizing steel containing chromium carbide, so as to improve the wear resistance of the material surface. And molybdenum in steel can improve the hardenability and hot strong sex. In the quenched and tempered steel, molybdenum can make large cross-section parts quenching depth, hardening, improve the drawability resistance or tempering stability of steel, can make the parts under high temperature tempering, thus more effectively eliminate ( Or lower) Residual stress and improve the plasticity. So often adopted in the production of 42 crmo as the material of rolling mill gear shaft. The gear shaft heat treatment equipment & emsp;   The gear shaft heat treatment equipment & emsp;   The gear shaft heat treatment equipment & emsp;   1. Carburizing furnace, 2. Vacuum furnace, 3. Pallet car furnace, 4. Mesh belt furnace, 5. Tempering furnace, 6. Roaster, 7. Box-type furnace, 8. Oil burner, 9. Heating furnace, 10. Nitrate furnace, 11. Aging furnace, 12. Induction furnace, 13. Salt bath furnace, 14. Pit type furnace, 15. Bell type furnace, 16. Annealing furnace, 17. The quenching furnace, 18. Gas type, 19. Crucible melting furnace, 20. Aluminum alloy heat treatment furnace, 21. Sintering furnace & emsp;   The gear shaft heat treatment equipment & emsp;   The present state of gear transmission shaft production & emsp;   Since 2015, in order to adapt to the requirements of product quality and variety of domestic building and rebuilding the large number of advanced gear shaft production line, the hope can get better product performance and service life. But at the moment, the shaft of the gear shaft product body surface hardness is low, shallow hardened layer, spalling and weak ability to resist accident and cannot satisfy the use requirement. User demands increase gear shaft hardening layer depth and the resistance to wear, and has good capability of fatigue resistance, in order to improve the service life, reduce consumption and production cost. Heng Yang machinery is established under the background of the gear shaft heat treatment equipment manufacturer, hope to provide equipment to the broad masses of customers to solve the trouble back at home.     For gear transmission is a very important special processing, the processing difficulty is larger. Gear transmission shaft production not only need to be very good processing technology, more need good gear shaft heat treatment equipment to support. Heng Yang mechanical and electrical current supply of the gear shaft heat treatment equipment is complete, excellent performance, can meet the requirements of all kinds of heat treatment, hope the broad masses of customers to consult the order.
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