The four seasons change should be how to maintain the intermediate frequency induction heating equipment

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-25
Along with the application of intermediate frequency company more and more, the author will share with everyone a medium frequency induction heating equipment maintenance. Do all things the most important thing is to insist on and master, the author Shared is the induction heating equipment in the process of changing seasons what should do well the maintenance countermeasures. 1, spring, spring is a season of precipitation more, moisture larger of medium frequency induction heating equipment, household appliances electronics waterproof ( Avoid damp cause household appliances electronics burned) , as far as possible put the equipment in good natural ventilation, dry manic region; 2, summer, summer is a season of high temperature hot so general medium frequency induction heating equipment temperature difference in temperature is not above 35 ℃, otherwise equipment more than in other season is very easy to caused by high temperature burning high frequency of something. Have summer for waterway fouling, channel obstruction caused by temperature rise very much, the common failures appeared in Xia Jigeng channel to pay more attention to equipment maintenance. 3, the winter is very cold region should pay attention to avoid frozen waterways, 0 ℃ when surrounding environment does the following, medium frequency induction heating equipment shall maintain water constantly to prevent lead to internal waterways freezing liquid, prevent startup waterway jam again. In a nutshell, when maintenance equipment at ordinary times must pay attention to waterproof, anti-fouling, natural ventilation, clear channel reservoir in time, ensure that don't ooze water temperature above 35 ℃, maintain channel unobstructed, do a good job in the level of medium frequency induction heating equipment can increase the service life for many years. Heng Yang machinery specialized in the production of 18 years manufacture induction heating equipment, has a number of conditioning treatment from induction heating of manufacturing industry, manufacturing industry, fine welding manufacturing industry leading experts, composed of set product development, design, production, marketing, services in the integration of private technology companies. You jie cheng present environmental protection and energy saving, cost-effective equipment for you, for you to show me at ease, comfortable, comfortable intimate service! The medium frequency induction heating equipment suitable for medium frequency induction heating equipment normal operation of all mechanical failure of the medium frequency induction heating equipment - Contemporary single-chip integrated medium frequency induction heating equipment - semiconductor materials From German technology medium frequency induction heating equipment for some of the requirements of the cooling water what medium frequency induction heating equipment maintenance skills
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