The factors affecting the thermal efficiency of the furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-25
According to the principle of heat balance, into the furnace heat is equal to send charging in the sum of heat absorption and heat loss of the material. Among them, into the furnace chamber of a stove or furnace heat including chemical and physical heat of fuel and air and material physical heat; All kinds of heat loss mainly including smoke heat loss, incomplete combustion loss, furnace wall heat loss, etc. ; If it is also includes a solid fuel ash heat loss, etc. In view of the natural gas heating furnace, the main measures to improve the thermal efficiency is to reduce fume temperature, reduce the furnace wall heat loss, In addition, lower excess air coefficient can effectively improve the flame temperature, reduce the oxidation burning loss; Improve the uniformity of furnace temperature, can improve the quality of heating, to reduce the oxidation burning loss material, so as to improve the yield of melting furnace per unit time, reducing energy consumption. Then the influence factors of the heat loss is the points: 1, the factors affecting the thermal efficiency of the furnace exhaust temperature of the melting furnace heating temperature generally between 1000 ℃ ~ 12 0 ℃, and the melting point of aluminum temperature is about 660 ℃, melting furnace hearth exit as much smoke exhaust temperature is above 500 ℃. The waste of energy, heat pollution to the environment. 2, the furnace wall heat loss except smoke by high temperature melting furnace thermal efficiency, followed by the furnace wall heat loss. Among them, the aluminum and the discharging mouth, the place such as oven heat leak is very big, so choose the reasonable and reliable refractory furnace wall heat loss can be considerably reduced. 3, excess air coefficient of excess air coefficient characterization of conveying amount of combustion air into the furnace and combustion theory to the ratio of the amount of air. Excess air coefficient is too large, lead to the smoke contains a lot of not involved in the combustion air, leading to low thermal efficiency. Oxygenation loss of 4, 5, melting furnace, furnace temperature uniformity of 6, the determination of aluminum liquid temperature
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