The dumping of melting furnace - Mechanical efficiency - operation Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-28
Heat preservation and heat insulation for reasonably and improve the service life of the furnace lining dump, heavy steel shell furnace is on the top and bottom respectively set the cooling ring, with a well-balanced charge temperature, reduce the thermal deformation effect, energy saving, high toughness, stainless steel plate cooling ring, to further improve the furnace efficiency. Dumping of melting furnace equipment dump melting furnace design not only have strong steel shell and the thick wall tube structure of the professional to induction melting furnace line, and according to choose appropriate induction coil locked-rotor spacing, prompted the transformation of the electromagnetic coil high efficiency, small resistor. On the one hand, induction current-carrying coil with a total area of big, thick wall pipe wall thickness is uniform, it is not easy to produce electricity committed and peng up cause damage; Coil choose unique support system software, on the other hand, each turn is tightly clamping, good rigidity, reduce the vibration caused by the magnetic field force, greatly increasing the dumping of melting furnace furnace village life. Heng Yang dumping of melting furnace in addition, this kind of electromagnetic coil around covered twenty percent of the yoke, 59 reasonably changed the electromagnetic field around; Protective cushioning pads also reduces noise and vibration, improve the efficiency of magnetic yoke, the dumping of melting furnace also use electromagnetic coil to broaden and beyond lining stretch at the bottom of the electromagnetic coil design, the bottom of its raise from the top of the furnace wall and recycled waste load and electromagnetic devices, always said, improved the kinetic energy.
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