The core principle of intermediate frequency furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-04
The working principle of intermediate frequency furnace is provided by the state grid three-phase ac power through a three-phase controlled rectifier bridge ( Device adopts thyristor) Form the pulsating dc current voltage adjustable. LD filtered by reactor dc current to the single-phase inverter bridge ( Device adopts thyristor) 。 The output of the inverter bridge than high power frequency tens to hundreds. The core principle of intermediate frequency furnace load using the induction coil ( Including heating furnace burden) And parallel of LC oscillation circuit composed of intermediate frequency power capacitor, strong adaptability to load, reliable operation. By adjusting the control of the rectifier trigger Angle, can change the rated power, achieve the purpose of power regulation; Its output frequency is under load LC parallel resonant frequency of the oscillator. Due to pour the bridge of the trigger pulse control signal from the load circuit, when the LC parameters of load circuit, bridge of output frequency will change accordingly, automatic frequency control effect. The frequency of medium frequency melting furnace in 50 hz to 10 KHZ, need a FM frequency converter. Medium frequency induction melting furnace than power frequency induction melting furnace with electricity, high thermal efficiency, short smelting time, less power consumption, less land, less investment, flexible production, easy to implement process automation, etc. Suitable for all kinds of cast iron smelting, especially the alloy cast iron, nodular cast iron, vermicular cast iron. It has strong adaptability to the burden, the burden of type and size can be change in large scope. Medium frequency induction melting furnace has the advantages of other duty forge have no. Has developed significantly in, has been widely used in cast iron production. Medium frequency induction melting furnace with high efficiency production, smelting cycle can be reduced to 35 minutes. In order to make the fire power wider, must remove slag as soon as possible. Slag separator or artificial slag effect is poor, long hours, poor working conditions. To this end, this paper proposes a from furnace slag method, after the furnace after 20 - 25 degrees, through the furnace slag at the top of the tank will pour into the truck. This method is convenient and fast. The medium frequency induction melting furnace must be repaired after the movement. Medium frequency melting furnace is the core of the effect of induction coil cold extrusion casting brass and copper pipe and price. T 2 large cross-section of cold extrusion of brass. Copper surface insulation adopts electrostatic spraying treatment, achieve class H insulation. To protect the dielectric strength of the mica tape, mica tape and non-alkali glass tape should be wrapped separately in a surface, then coated with moisture-proof insulation enamel. Coil turn-to-turn has certain gap. Within the coil coating refractory mortar, refractory mortar shall be through the gap, to strengthen the adhesion strength of mortar on the coil. After the completion of refractory mortar, coil inner surface is smooth, easy to dismantle the lining, protect the coil. The fluctuation at each end of coil and a few rounds of stainless steel water cooling coil, to increase the integral stiffness, is conducive to heat dissipation. In terms of the choice of aluminum shell furnace shell, the weight of the standard 1 ton aluminum shell furnace for 400 kg of cast aluminum alloy, thickness of 40 mm, some factories of furnace shell is often aggravate and not thick enough. The steel furnace is important is the choice of the yoke. Similar boiler steel shell yoke choice is different, the price gap is very large. Under normal circumstances, should choose the high permeability of Z11 cold-rolled silicon steel sheet. The thickness of the silicon steel sheet is 0. 3毫米。 Adopting contour structure. Induction coil of the concave surface is the same as the outer arc, make the yoke is close to the outer edge of the induction coil, constraint to radiate coil magnetic field lines. Yoke on both sides of the stainless steel plate and stainless steel clamping, welding of fixed, water cooling.
In the present growing world of emerging technology, the has demanding operation in various sectors like coreless type induction furnace, steel melting induction furnace, continuous casting and rolling and many other industries at induction electric melting furnace levels of manufacturing and designing.
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