The choice of intermediate frequency furnace operating frequency

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-03
From the perspective of intermediate frequency furnace capacity, mixing, considering the selection of working frequency induction medium frequency melting furnace is the basis of the working frequency, power and mixing power, three key elements, and the relationship between each other are three key elements, therefore, when choosing furnace power supply system of power supply working frequency, but be sure to consider the fire electricity efficiency, also must be comprehensive considering the three factors. According to the above situation associated, electrical flow deep penetration is clear melting furnace crucible inside the key data information. Working frequency is low, the delta value is big, crucible to expand, the furnace volume can raise. Another level, because the output power of medium frequency melting furnace furnace digestion, absorption, and the proportional, the crucible inside diameter and recycled waste characteristics under the same condition, high working frequency furnace, the output power is large. Coreless induction medium frequency melting furnace in the whole work process, metal material in the furnace will melt because the induction flow inside the solution and the electromagnetic coil of electromagnetic field caused by the interaction and bear towards the tightening force management center, management center part of the electromagnetic coil tightening force is strong, the tightening force to make metal materials mixing, and makes the metal material level caused by the force. Type that in recycled waste characteristics ( Dry degree, relative density, resistance, etc. ) Under the same condition, mixing power, that is, is proportional to the level and the heating power output of the mixing, expand the heating power output, mixing compound; Rising power working frequency, stirring ease; Expand the cockle pot stirring also ease. Mixing of light and heavy work of furnace shape, the product quality is dangerous: mixing effect is insufficient, the smelting metal materials or aluminum alloy mixture is not very good, the temperature field of welding pool of provisions, medium frequency melting furnace can not pack edge material; Mixing is too strong, the burden by washing, easy to corrode, gas is sucked into making air oxidation of metal materials, metal materials metal material spill, sediment in the furnace will being found guilty of metal materials, harm pouring a stroke volume, therefore, be sure to appropriate mixing. According to the condition of proper stirring and can be subdivided into light, medium, heavy three categories, based on intermediate frequency furnace molten metal materials used as far as possible, general strongly recommend such as alloy steel, copper, tin bronze gently stirring; Copper, iron, gold, stainless steel plate, aluminum, carbon steel, nickel and precious metals ( Gold, silver, etc. ) With stirring; Melting gray iron, forging steel, molding iron with stirring. Medium frequency melting furnace with traditional flame heating before and small medium frequency melting furnace, melting method Vacuum efficient to sundry medium frequency melting furnace Thermal stress calculation in coke oven desolventizing medium frequency melting furnace manufacturers - Orders for curing medium frequency melting furnace factory in hubei, but run to foshan! Henan medium frequency melting furnace - Have different features and characteristics of guangdong - formal medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer Record customer details medium frequency melting furnace factory management scheme to determine manufacturing high economic benefits
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