The characteristics of medium frequency induction furnace how much you know about it?

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-17
In medium frequency furnace using too many early smelter manufacturing industry, this kind of machine is an electric level according to carbon rod fault cause short-circuit fault each big electricity flow caused by high temperature molten steel or steel liquid. But the existence of this kind of machine has many shortcomings. In the cause of high temperature and can cause anti lightning, injured guy in the eyes, in addition to the powder gas hazard, environmental pollution; When above 1000 ℃ high temperature in addition, the valuable elements in the molten steel ablation, also make the liquid steel and reasonable elements yield is reduced, increased cost, the other ablative wall. Very small tonnage the service life of the furnace burden is low, the state economic commission departments clear stipulation not can apply 10 tons the following intermediate frequency furnace, thus the medium frequency induction furnace obtained widespread use alternative medium frequency furnace, safety in production also increased company economic benefits, reduce the operational staff occupational disease. ▼ characteristics of medium frequency induction furnace, medium frequency induction heating furnace of a complete set of equipment, is to put the three-phase 50 hz alternating current, after the rectifier into direct current, direct current (dc) into a flow of intermediate frequency electric adjustable, provided by the capacitor and through the intermediate frequency current in induction electromagnetic coil magnetic field, in the induction coil of the high density of magnetic induction line, and dressed in induction coil, laser cutting metal composite material, cause great vortex in the metal composite materials. Such as have intermediate frequency electric vortex flow features, that is, the metal material itself free charge in the metal body of the resistor liquidity to cause calorific value. , for example, put a metal cylinder with variations in the intermediate frequency induction coil, power flow, metal cylinder has no direct contact with induction electromagnetic coil, connect power electromagnetic coil itself has very low temperature, but the cylindrical surface is heated to red, and melting, and this kind of reddish and melting rate if size and adjust frequency electricity flow of high and low will finish, it is not easy to cause harmful substances, strong light environmental pollution. Medium frequency induction furnace advantages: 1, use full solid IGBT inverter dc machines, and the output power adjustment, machinery and equipment in the design scheme of the all-round maintenance functions such as over current protection, owe water maintenance, overtemperature maintenance, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, maintenance phase, etc. , greatly increase the credibility of machinery and equipment; 2, equipped with a variety of display information such as electrical flow display information, working voltage display information, time, make the machine work situation visualization, induction coil, in view of the design scheme and capacitor adjustment and has a guiding significance; 3, small volume, lighter weight, can move 1 square meters, covers an area of not enough; The ability to work 24 hours continuous melting practice; 4, energy-saving environmental protection and energy saving, electromagnetic induction mixing work ability, wear-resisting material more symmetrical. Anhui - medium frequency induction heating furnace manufacturer Equipment within the vortex circulation state - medium frequency induction heating furnace manufacturer The stove - long life medium frequency induction heating furnace Intermediate frequency equivalent circuit impedance change - not much medium frequency induction heating furnace The high frequency equivalent circuit impedance change - not much medium frequency induction heating furnace Low energy consumption and high heating efficiency, zero pollution medium frequency induction furnace and how much will it cost? Which is cheap? How much price of medium frequency induction heating furnace medium frequency induction heating furnace applications
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