The change of the inductance in the intermediate frequency furnace smelting processes

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-07
Inductance changes during the process of intermediate frequency furnace smelting technology, an intermediate frequency furnace in the process of oven, the voltage rise not to go up, maintained at 200 v left in the process of the intermediate frequency furnace smelting inductance change a: first of all, if there is a problem regardless of intermediate frequency power supply device, intermediate frequency furnace before the furnace should use electric heaters or charcoal fire slowly rising up oven, oven is adverse to the service life of refractory material of the furnace. In the basic completion of initial oven, should use the crucible will you need a metal melt and pour into intermediate frequency furnace smelting, again to electricity, intermediate frequency power supply device in a furnace. How to select lc intermediate frequency furnace smelting process of medium frequency furnace inductance change a: intermediate frequency furnace in use to produce a large number of harmonic, harmonic pollution in the power grid is very serious. Harmonic make and use in power transmission efficiency is lower, the electrical equipment overheating, vibration and noise, and make its insulation ageing, reduce the service life, even down or burned; Harmonic can cause local parallel resonance or serial resonance power system, the harmonic content. The frequency of the induction cooker is affected by the pot? Have the pot after the coil inductance quantity answer: is influenced by pan, have change. Alloy elements in the process of medium frequency furnace melting loss of intermediate frequency furnace smelting process of inductance change answer: you can first consult some intermediate frequency furnace production producers. Direct point, is to go to foundry production field. Want to ask, what kind of metal smelting you? Ningbo shekinah specializing in the production of intermediate frequency electric furnace. Inductance energy in the process of change in road a: in fact, the inductance of the energy change is determined by the principle of inductance, inductance principle is to suppress or hinder the current changes. Such as input is an alternating current, alternating current (ac) increases slowly from 0 to 1, the inductance of the role is to prevent current increases, but it cannot be completely suppressed, stop increasing practical inductance will increases slowly, so inductive energy storage will be slowly. An inductance coil, it stretched without changing the number of turns and radius, the question and answer: by formula L = mu * Ae * N2 / l. were analyzed. Inductance L said, mu said core permeability, Ae said, cross section area of magnetic core, coil number of turns, N said lm said the length of the core magnetic circuit. , therefore, when an inductance production molding, Ae, N, lm is constant value, then influence the inductance value after only permeability mu. Refer to baidu. Amount of inductance in series after feeling how intermediate frequency furnace smelting process inductance changes a: involves the mutual inductance. Amount of inductance in series after feeling L = L1 + L2 + 2 M mutual inductance M at zero (to) L1*L2) In between. Medium frequency furnace melting grey illiquid what reason be? How to solve? How inductance changes during the process of intermediate frequency furnace smelting answer: may be melted material formula is wrong, lead to molten iron with poor liquidity, you can change the formula, previously seen similar articles, for such a solution of intermediate frequency furnace molten gray iron molten iron liquid, as in 'divine radiation electric furnace' website information technology, there don't know what is there now. Transformer product inductance change analysis a: I know that generally caused by the following reasons: 1 the magnetic core of high frequency transformer used for manganese zinc, this material is by its high Ui has a great influence with environment temperature changing so everybody asked general formal testing must be 25 degrees environment test. 2 power including immersed in leaching of water into the air gap, along with the change of time of temperature force changes such as hot water long. Intermediate frequency electric furnace burn a diameter of 50 steel, how many hours of electricity a: upstairs? Electric power company is your house? An hour 10 KWH. You really tough! ! The somebody else to make steel. Money will pay for a month. In general,, simple point,, see you how much is the electric cooker. Isn't it? There are many kilowatts of intermediate frequency. Bigger, you, the greater the power consumption, but more efficient, and fast. Inductance changes during the process of intermediate frequency furnace smelting technical data magnet how change through the process of coil inductance coil inductance changes during the process of medium frequency furnace melting a: wear the deeper into the coil inductance coil, the greater the wear into the lighter inductance is smaller when you pull the magnetic iron objects reverse inductance. Intermediate frequency furnace smelting hazards what answer: produced by the smelting high temperature liquid iron easy to splash burns; High voltage electric furnace production ( Especially the output control cabinet) Easy to get an electric shock; Dust in the closed space in high temperature and easy to produce explosion; Workshop use driving falling objects; The casting was not fully cooling is easy to burn. 15 tons of intermediate frequency furnace smelting furnace needs much time in the process of the intermediate frequency furnace smelting inductance change a: about an hour, basically see what product. The change of inductance SMT inductance environment have? A: SMT inductance because 1 ℃ environment temperature changes produced by the change of the inductance delta L/delta t and the ratio of the original inductance L value for the temperature of the inductance is a1, a1 = delta L/L * delta t. In addition to the temperature coefficient can decide the stability of inductor, also should pay attention to due to mechanical vibration and inductance changes caused by ageing. How to reduce the loss of manganese in medium frequency furnace in melting steel? Please master answer inductance changes during the process of intermediate frequency furnace smelting answer: appropriate add some aluminum pie or scrap aluminum conductor, strengthen deoxidization, can reduce the consumption of manganese. Medium frequency furnace melting how can minimize the steel of phosphorus intermediate frequency furnace smelting process of inductance change a: of course can direct smelting iron, and a few years ago to ban the small ironmaking, DeTiaoGang is conducted using medium frequency furnace smelting. Intermediate frequency furnace smelting steel, the efficiency is very high, can reduce production cost, save energy, reduce pollution, is promoting a smelting method.
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