The burner in melting aluminium furnace on how to apply

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-14
Manufacturer of melting furnace in melting aluminium furnace manufacturing equipment, the choice of melting furnace burner and layout is an important step, is also the key of melting aluminium furnace energy saving optimization in the future. The characteristics of aluminum has a little black degrees, radiation heat transfer is small, therefore, in melting aluminium furnace design, need to strengthen the convection heat transfer ability, strengthening the flame to the aluminum convection effect, specific implementation should be operated from the following aspects: the principle of induction melting furnace and cupola is completely different. They use embedded in the crucible of coiled heating element or integrated into the wall of the heating chamber itself. They converts electrical energy into heat and radiation through material, has excellent thermal evenness. Burner in melting aluminium furnace on how to apply a, had high priority exit velocity and length of flame burner in order to improve the convective heat transfer ability; Second, strengthen the installation Angle of the burner, the force is formed between the flame and aluminum metal impact; Third, reasonable arrangement of smoke vent position, as far as possible make the flame along the flow of liquid aluminium surface and prolong residence time in high temperature flue gas furnace; Fourth, as far as possible use of waste heat recovery technology, improve the theoretical combustion temperature of flame. Can draw from the entire aluminum melting process, the stages of the demand of heat load and heat conduction model is a big difference, careful analysis to do a good job in meter and control better realize the melting aluminium furnace design optimization effect. Will appear within due to the impact of the flame, the melting furnace of aluminum metal local burnt would happen, but because of the improved heat transfer, after can greatly decrease the total melting time, melting furnace in the total amount of metal loss does not appear the phenomenon of increase vice will slightly decrease amplitude.
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