The applicable scope of the medium frequency induction heating equipment

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-17
Many cases in the case of small talk with customers, customers often make we highly recommend what equipment suitable for their goods, network built to detail a medium frequency induction heating equipment, it is the key to right what product artifacts. Medium frequency induction heating equipment for the manufacture of metal surface treatment industry, such as medium frequency conditioning treatment, melting and other places, Such as, workpiece heating products are casting, all kinds of metal composite material smelting, the meat of the motor field thermal interaction, seamless steel tube edge and expanding, abrasive medium frequency, shaft parts hardening, welding heating and quenching after welding, etc. ) Medium frequency induction heating equipment, general application frequency in 1 - Among 10 KHZ. Medium frequency induction heating equipment has the following characteristics: 1, selection of equipment all solid IGBT dc frequency conversion and output power adjustment, the design scheme of the comprehensive maintenance function: such as over current protection, owe water maintenance, overtemperature maintenance, over-voltage protection, over-current protection, maintenance phase, etc. , greatly increase the credibility of the equipment. 2 the role, the equipment has a variety of display information: such as electricity flow according to information, working voltage display information, time, make the equipment working condition in visualization, induction coil, in view of the design scheme and capacitor has guiding significance to the adjustment. 3, small volume, lighter weight, can move, covers an area of 1 square meters, the production of 10 times for customers to save interior space; 4, sets up the overload device, can 24 hours continuous professional ability; 5, especially heating stainless steel plate, copper, industrial silicon, aluminum, etc when not in permeability chemicals, melt faster, less raw material elements ablation, environmental protection and energy saving 30%, thereby reducing the cost. Medium frequency induction heating equipment normal operation of all mechanical failure of the medium frequency induction heating equipment Contemporary single-chip integrated medium frequency induction heating equipment - semiconductor materials Power supply - medium frequency induction heating equipment From German technology medium frequency induction heating equipment for some of the requirements of the cooling water what medium frequency induction heating equipment maintenance skills
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