The aluminum intermediate frequency furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-04
How intermediate frequency furnace technology, an intermediate frequency furnace smelting steel to aluminum temperature will boil why want to add a: aluminum steel could refine grain, strengthen deoxidization effect, improve and enhance molten steel liquid, promote continuous casting production line. Smelting iron and aluminum smelting of intermediate frequency furnace: what's the difference between a: iron smelting furnace and melting aluminium furnace distinction: 1. Melting point is different, power is different, the same tonnage of furnace ironmaking big power, small 2 aluminium power. Density is different, the same tonnage of the stove, iron stove furnace, aluminum smelting furnace 3 times larger. How to prevent the medium frequency furnace melting furnace shell answer: reasonable spacing, lining material solid sintering, to prevent the molten steel leakage, high temperature melting medium frequency electric furnace aluminum insulation measures, reduce more effective use of magnetic flux leakage, the melting furnace charge. 90 kw intermediate frequency furnace dissolve one tons of aluminum need how many KWH answer: the heat capacity of the aluminum is 088 kj/kg & # 186; C, melting point is 660 & # 186; C, therefore, the electricity required to melt 1 tons of aluminum is 1000 kg * 660 & # 186; C*08888kJ/kgº C = 580800 kj / 3600 s = 161 KWH considering the efficiency of intermediate frequency furnace, 60 ~ 80%, so need at least 200 KWH, may be more attention, the total power consumption ( C) With the power source of power. Manufacturing battery car hub of molten aluminum 150 kg, intermediate frequency electric furnace configuration of intermediate frequency furnace how to turn a: aluminum aluminum 150 kg of medium frequency furnace burning in three to four o 'clock, probably coal burning molten aluminium loss around 8%. Intermediate frequency electric furnace of our customers and car manufacturing hub. Intermediate frequency furnace configuration can be 'and one' two furnace configuration, an intermediate frequency electric cabinet, with a medium frequency furnace, another electric standby or 'yi tuo 2' configuration: a furnace smelting furnace heat preservation. / better. What is the intermediate frequency furnace? A: medium frequency furnace using 200 - 2500 hz medium frequency induction heating power supply, heat insulation, it is mainly used for smelting carbon steel, alloy steel, special steel, also can be used for copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal smelting and temperature equipment is small in size, light weight, high efficiency, less consumption, melting heat up fast, furnace temperature control, high production efficiency of medium frequency induction furnace hot water working principle of this furnace use power in a different way. What is the intermediate frequency furnace? What are doing? A: medium frequency furnace is a kind of will power frequency 50 hz alternating current into intermediate frequency ( More than 300 hz - 1000 hz) Induction coil, power supply units, deserve to go up and compensation capacitor, applied the principle of electromagnetic induction heating equipment, widely used in non-ferrous metal melting, heating. Such as molten pig iron practice, ordinary steel, stainless steel, tool steel, copper, aluminum, gold, silver and alloy, etc. ; Diathermy forging purposes. In intermediate frequency induction furnace melting aluminium alloy, its process what's the point? How intermediate frequency furnace, aluminum answer: I don't know what is your medium frequency furnace crucible material, if use graphite crucible, because the graphite is easy to break and easy to moisture absorption, must take put down gently, avoiding collision, before use must be slow heating drying at the same time, until the crucible to dark red, check without cracks can be put into the alloy melting. If the iron crucible, due to the aluminum alloy is strictly limited to iron. How intermediate frequency furnace working principle of intermediate frequency furnace melt aluminum answer: medium frequency furnace using induction heating, the ordinary frequency power, through bridge pile, inductive filtering processing into 200 ~ 1000 hz frequency power. How to change the working principle of intermediate frequency furnace aluminum intermediate frequency furnace answer: medium frequency furnace is mainly composed of induction coil, induction coil, power supply, and made of refractory material in the crucible. Within the crucible containing metal furnace charge, equal to each winding transformer, induction coil, when on ac power, to produce alternating magnetic field in the induction coil, the magnetic force line in the crucible furnace charge, metal is produced in the furnace charge induction electromotive force, due to form a charge itself. How the intermediate frequency furnace aluminum technical data about the working principle of intermediate frequency furnace? How the intermediate frequency furnace aluminum answer: intermediate frequency electric furnace medium frequency magnetic field was established based on intermediate frequency power supply, make the induced eddy current and heat is generated in ferromagnetic materials to achieve the purpose of heating materials. Intermediate frequency electric furnace adopts 200 - 2500 hz medium frequency induction heating power supply, heat insulation, intermediate frequency electric furnace is mainly used for smelting carbon steel, alloy steel, special steel, also can be used for copper, aluminum and other non-ferrous metal smelting and lift temperature equipment. How intermediate frequency furnace steelmaking desulfurization answer: no points? That will simplify the answer change slag, build new slag. Have divided the detail then and say, I don't know right oh, but doing so is bound to desulfurization. First, must have a lot of people know, high temperature desulfurization for medium frequency, the temperature is above 1600. Second, the desulfurization is to have a reducing atmosphere, so the slag adding aluminum powder or. Intermediate frequency furnace should use what how the intermediate frequency furnace refractory aluminum answer: medium frequency furnace refractory is also called the intermediate frequency furnace lining material, intermediate frequency furnace dry vibration knot, intermediate frequency furnace material, intermediate frequency furnace ramming material, acidic, neutral and alkaline refractory, acid refractory with high purity quartz, fused silica as the main raw material, sintering agent by the composite additive; Neutral in alumina, alumina refractory materials as the main raw material, compound added. Aluminum alloy melting furnace using medium frequency furnace and power frequency furnace good answer: each has his strong point.
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