Teach you how to better understand know medium frequency melting furnace

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-19
General intermediate frequency furnace is mainly used in smelting steel, iron, copper, aluminum and alloy, melting with high efficiency, energy saving effect is good, metal components uniform, burning less, temperature rise is fast, easy temperature control and other characteristics, suitable for all kinds of metal melting occasion. Teach you how to better comprehend the advantages of medium frequency melting furnace intermediate frequency furnace: constant power output, melting at a faster rate, power saving effect is more obvious. Zero frequency sweep the software starts, more able to meet the requirements of frequent starting. Protection measures, such as over current, over voltage, current limit, limit pressure, water shortage, lack of equal protection, under the premise that guarantee smelting speed, make the equipment operation and reliable. The operation is simple, applicable to all kinds of casting process. 1, medium frequency furnace use process should pay attention to observe the furnace condition, observe the furnace condition is a protection for the furnace, furnace bottom every 3 measurement, daily to observe for each furnace wall, so as to guarantee the safety of lining. 2, of medium frequency furnace equipment maintenance and maintenance, such as regular purging coil, cleaning the debris on the coil to prevent coil breakdown, avoiding the furnace, due to equipment failure and improve the service life of crucible. In use process, due to reasons such as fault need was stopped for a long time, it should be empty furnace of iron liquid, avoid hot condensate on the lining cracking and lining damage; When can't pour pure molten iron, and molten iron has condensation, when cannot judge lining are in good condition, just to be safe should be furnace. 3, intermediate frequency furnace in smelting process to avoid high temperature melting. In high temperature condition, medium frequency furnace lining will react with iron liquid with crucible, as follows: SiO2 2 c & amp; rarr; Si 2 co, the higher the temperature, the lower the higher the C, Si, lining erosion will intensify, especially in the new furnace is more apparent, so the melting under the water temperature is guaranteed as far as possible to avoid high temperature, when the water temperature is 1490 ℃ ~ 1540 ℃, but in the process of induction furnace smelting general control in 1490 ℃ ~ 1520 ℃; It is worth mentioning that in the water power after low temperature thermal insulation, water based on a bag of the water temperature to heat up, it can reduce high temperature iron liquid of the furnace lining erosion, prolong the service life of furnace lining, lower power consumption, is a good way to improve the furnace life, reduce power consumption.
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