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by:Hengyang Furnace     2021-01-09
Super audio frequency induction heating power source for heating non-ferrous metals, confused the transmission components are two metal wire, which closely contact with blank side or end of a chrome aluminum thermoelectric, for heating steel, sensing element for radiant optical pyrometer.     Super audio frequency induction heating power supply under the condition of the heating non-ferrous metals, on the recording controller selection and two temperature setting. When the blank is heated and the temperature will be through the two temperature position.     Super audio frequency induction heating power supply two mercury switch contact in their respective positions are closed. The second contact can disconnect main contactor artifacts in the sensor circuit. If the contactor to disconnect the power supply is cut off, the temperature drop. When the temperature reaches a low set point, close contact, power back up. This cycle has been maintained to the billet required the temperature of the hot extrusion. Sometimes on the control panel also add a small auxiliary controller. It is used as a blank after leaving the heater to the monitoring device before entering the extrusion machine. Increased as long as a set of ultrasonic frequency induction heating power supply of heater remote control device, the control panel can become a perfect control assembly, it can be placed on the * working position, is usually placed near the operator console.
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