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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-30
Along with the world market for stainless steel demand more and more big, the customer to the provisions of the stainless steel tube will become more and more stringent. Stainless steel pipe in forging, welding, heat treatment process according to the stainless steel annealing furnace annealing is an integral part of a process, and bright annealing look is very important. Guangdong key is to use stainless steel annealing furnace stainless steel annealing furnace annealing in the maintenance of bright annealing furnace atmosphere conditioning treatment of manufactured goods. But many customers usually stainless steel tube of the black after quenching or not bright. Today's LiHua induction equipment company in guangdong province small make up and guys discuss stainless steel bright annealing furnace annealing reason and solution. Foshan constant Yang made in stainless steel stainless steel annealing furnace annealing annealing furnace key there are two kinds of structure: steel product type stainless steel bright annealing furnace and net product type stainless steel bright annealing furnace two kinds. These two structures are all by heat treatment furnace, cooling, storage tank, stainless steel plate muffle tank, conveyor belt, mass organizations and ammonia melting furnace etc. Stainless steel annealing furnace quenching of key light has the following content: 1, quenching furnace problem itself, is constructed, muffle tank sealing is good, muffle tank should be a sealing waveguide, and the external gas cut off, will not run gas and water seepage. Stainless steel tube itself has too much oil, or water, as in furnace atmosphere was destroyed, maintaining the gas purity of. Stainless steel problem 2, ammonia solution annealing furnace annealing furnace, ammonia solubility furnace must take purification equipment, dissolved gas purity is high. Annealing temperature is insufficient, 300 series of products of stainless steel pipe annealing temperature is 1050 c - commonly 1080 ℃ C, if less than the temperature of the pipe is not bright. Refrigeration temperature is exorbitant, after the stainless steel annealing furnace after high temperature annealing, refrigeration, because in the vapour to maintain the natural environment, it is very bright, because of some reason, after the water temperature is still high, exposure in the gas can gradually black. If out of the above 2 points average stainless steel annealing furnace blow-in after 15 minutes or refund after 20 meters long stainless steel tube should be shine, than annealing before also wants bright, bright reflections. Green forging furnace annealing furnace of round steel pipe annealing furnace that manufacturers cheap heng Yang steel pipe annealing furnace is a system where the characteristics of induction heating is horizontal type annealing furnace? And what are the characteristics and advantages of annealing furnace or heating quenching furnace is what
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