Stainless steel annealing equipment - Built-in heating coil and cooling system - in the sealing pipe Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2021-01-09
Stainless steel annealing equipment, stainless steel tube is used to on-line heated to 1050 ℃, then cooled to below 100 ℃ under hydrogen protection of special equipment, stainless steel annealing equipment induction heating coil and cooling systems built into the sealing pipeline. Foshan stainless steel annealing equipment, stainless steel annealing equipment can make its surface is bright, but not to very bright, if you want to very light that to do polishing, generally in the bright annealing heat treatment can make the product light, and make it a little change in the structure, such as stainless steel products under annealing can reduce the hardness, or low magnetic also can improve its corrosion resistance. Guangdong foshan stainless steel annealing equipment the main characteristic of the stainless steel annealing equipment system is to use don't repeat use of hydrogen, the traffic is very small, just a few litres per minute. Using hydrogen gas is pure, because it is very little quantity in the gas pipeline, so it's not dangerous. At the same time, the exhaust is burning, can prevent spread of hydrogen gas into the surrounding air, so as to avoid accumulation to dangerous concentration in the surrounding space. Stainless steel bright annealing equipment - Environmental protection and energy saving you really will choose a good stainless steel annealed wire manufacturer for stainless steel annealed wire manufacturers of stainless steel pipe annealed wire equipment heng Yang how much innovation stainless steel annealing production line manufacturer in guangdong stainless steel annealing production line which conforms to the green is good
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