So what kind of intermediate frequency furnace can continue to use

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-08
Environmental storms make many industries affected, so many enterprises enter the closed list. There are part of this is the intermediate frequency furnace factory main production equipment, so a lot of media use closing the intermediate frequency furnace, investigate medium frequency furnace similar terms, it is not appropriate, intermediate frequency electric stove USES a very wide range, was closed just a few, a specific industry, special-purpose production using medium frequency furnace, the vast majority of intermediate frequency furnace is beyond the scope of the outlawed, it is no exaggeration to say - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - In the very much on the purpose of intermediate frequency furnace is unable to be replaced. Media misnomer, make a lot of enterprise use of intermediate frequency furnace to panic. So what kind of intermediate frequency furnace can continue to use? The author observes the National Development and Reform Commission and other government departments issued documents indicating spirit, summarizes the enterprise meet the following conditions, can continue to use the intermediate frequency furnace ( For reference) : a. Can not use a medium frequency furnace to produce steel billet for the ordinary rolling mill, except for special steel; 2. Foundry enterprises have minimum requirement of scale: annual output value 20 million yuan of above, product output: 3000 tons/year cast iron, cast steel, 2000 tons/year, cast aluminum: 800 tons/year, cast copper: 300 tons/year. 3. Subsequent production, processes such as shape, not considered backward production technology can be used; Four. Capacity of 0. 25 tons of intermediate frequency furnace, can not be used without yoke aluminum shell and intermediate frequency induction furnace; Five. Can not choose GGW this type of intermediate frequency furnace. Six. In some areas may be because environmental protection not up to standard, and shut down some industries; Seven. May also have their own industry around the rules. Using the intermediate frequency furnace business range is very wide, as more and more application was developed, intermediate frequency furnace is entering more and more industry. Almost all the recent use of intermediate frequency furnace factory, are all very busy busy, dear colleagues, are busy making money, and don't forget to take care of your body. Bless you!
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