Small quenching machine tool - Induction switch design and quenching heat treatment production process

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-11-26
Application of the basic concept of electromagnetic induction, electromagnetic induction heating surface of cast iron parts in eddy current and temperature, application of small quenching heat treatment quenching machine tool, in get a deeper hardening layer on the surface of the cast iron core in addition parts still can keep the original organization and optical microscope characteristics, it is commonly said that 'in the table hard tenacity', thus improve the cast iron pieces of ultimate strength, wear resistance, still keep the characteristics of the core *. In the professional difficulties: high wear resistance, the uniformity of deep hardening layer, and form the independent variable. Key is small induction switch of the quenching machine tool design and the selection of basic parameters quenching heat treatment production process, xiao Yang LiHua building design of top priority for everyone induction switch design, calculate the additional induction switch, basic parameters in the process of adjustment to the actual production has a certain practical significance. A hardware factory in shenzhen quenching heat treatment of cast iron parts of 40 cr raw materials, standard specification: 1 - the depth of hardening layer 2 mm, 58 - compressive strength About 62 HRC, heat treatment after two plane design flatness deviation in the plus or minus 0. 05 mm regional conditioning treatment plan analysis for R5. 7 mm arc channel, small induction switch of the quenching machine tool need effective circle profile design, on the basis of electromagnetic induction heating ring effect and adjacent effect, base with 48 mm total air conditioning copper tube coil inductance doughnut induction switch to heat up of parts, in order to guarantee the R5. 7 mm at the expected effect of temperature, USES the gap - a = 1 1. 5毫米。 Produced as a result, once the adjustment of practical conditioning treatment the plant's requirement. Small quenching machine tool - Self-locking mechanism of small quenching machine tool - control circuit Built-in anti-interference hardware
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