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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-23
Small metal melting furnace by medium frequency induction furnace power supply ( Choose by smelting quantity specifications) Compensation capacitance box + + dump type smelting furnace. Can be based on the use of different equipment, infrared thermometer, temperature control equipment, etc. Small metal melting furnace is divided into three types: tilting type furnace, injection type furnace and mobile melting furnace. Tilting type furnace according to the tilting method can be divided into pedal tilting furnace, pneumatic and hydraulic type tilting furnace tilting furnace. Heng Yang small metal melting furnace small metal melting furnace key features: medium frequency melting furnace used for steel, stainless steel plate, copper, aluminum, gold, silver and raw materials, such as smelting. High frequency smelting has very good electromagnetic induction mixing effect, used for smelting metal material temperature and symmetry, is scum, reduce the residue. Wide frequency range, from 1 KHZ to 20 KHZ, can fully consider smelting capacity, mixing effect, electromagnetic induction heating efficiency, work when the noise of the elements such as design of electromagnetic induction coil and matching compensation capacitor, the size of the output frequency. Small metal melting furnace equipment small metal melting furnace equipment light weight, small volume, smelting capacity from a few kilograms to hundreds of kilograms, can be selected category is quite large, suitable processing factory manufacturing applications, both also appropriate university and a small amount of smelting application lab.
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