Small, medium frequency melting furnace - Vacuum efficiently to clutter

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-23
When desk tray to high temperature vacuum value transformation vacuum values of selected with the refined aluminum alloy related to small and medium frequency melting furnace volume. Improve the vacuum value is refined iron liquid, remove non-metallic materials and sundry ascension aluminum alloy properties, but high vacuum values can cause some gold group yuan evaporation damage and ascension of the crucible and desolventizing reflect each other. Therefore, choose a suitable refining vacuum value of exsolution cleaning foot is especially important. Large and medium-sized small medium frequency melting furnace heat resistant alloy is in the first quarter. Yes the vacuum value scouring period. In general small and medium-sized real single induction Lu high vacuum value is easy to maintain, large and medium-sized maintain low vacuum induction furnace is curtilage degree, the low vacuum value of carbon steel smelting, precision alloy smelting and vacuum value to maintain high heat-resistant alloy. Scouring time selection is the key to vapour and sundry eliminate level refs. General to minimize scouring period. Small oxygen content in the intermediate frequency furnace desolventizing is reduced, at the early stage of the refined over a period of cut because crucible after oxygen, when to take off the dissolved oxygen in the ancient quantity increases so scouring time selection should be in the oxygen content is advisable. General situation, volume of 200 kg stove scouring time and scouring time brushing up and down. Medium frequency melting furnace - Thermal stress calculation in coke oven desolventizing medium frequency melting furnace manufacturers - Orders for curing medium frequency melting furnace factory in hubei, but run to foshan! Henan medium frequency melting furnace - Have different features and characteristics of guangdong - formal medium frequency melting furnace manufacturer Record customer details medium frequency melting furnace factory management scheme to determine the bottom of the economic benefits of high intermediate frequency furnace manufacturing - Customers choose heng Yang after shopping around
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