Small medium frequency melting furnace efficiency to clutter

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-26
High temperature desk tray when the change of the vacuum degree of vacuum degree choice and the alloy smelting and small medium frequency melting furnace capacity. Improve the vacuum degree is advantageous to the refined steel liquid, remove non-metallic inclusions improve alloy performance, but high vacuum degree will cause some gold group yuan volatilization loss and increase the effect of the liquid steel crucible reaction. Small medium frequency melting furnace efficiency to sundry, therefore, choose the appropriate refining vacuum foot on the purification of molten steel is essential. Large small medium frequency melting furnace high temperature alloy's quarterly changes. Vacuum refining period have *. Generally small single induction Lu really easy to maintain high vacuum, large vacuum induction furnace is curtilage degrees remain low, the low vacuum smelting alloy steel, precision alloy and high temperature alloy smelting high vacuum. Around the series resonance inductive switch and steel constitute the characteristic impedance of the load is relatively low, so that the high intermediate frequency induction heating inverter power supply at the rated power flow will output power, keep the budget quota matches. Selection is to keep the impedance matching, and both electrical equipment protective effect; Can put transformer original side series resonance capacitor, vice edge can also be used on the transformer, because vice edge must be big electricity flow volume of capacitor, the sales do not easily bought on the market, in addition to avoid high intermediate frequency induction heating transformer bias. The timing of the refined mainly depends on the degree of gas and inclusion removal. Generally try to shorten the refining stage. Small medium frequency melting furnace in oxygen content in liquid steel refining early fall, after a period when cut due to the crucible of oxygen, oxygen in molten steel increased ancient so the refining time should be selected in the oxygen content * is preferred. In general, the furnace capacity of about 200 kg furnace refining time refining time choose shan.
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