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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-28
In the contemporary small induction heating control of switch power supply, often have to check the flow in the power circuit size and location. Where the general electrical flow to choose sampling resistor or shunt immediately, hall sensors, or sampling voltage transformer protection. Immediately sampling methods in spite of the low cost, but the shunt resistor or the loss of above can not be ignored when electricity flow is very big, and there is no protective effect; Small small induction heating induction heating machine hall sensor with high precision, high sensitive said, but the price is expensive, international famous LEM hall sensor is on one of them, in addition to this hall sensor must also be additional small machinery and equipment of independent power supplies for inductive heating is showed the negative power supply system, and in the place of above 100 KHZ, hall sensor and appear some heart is unable to do; Small induction heating voltage transformer, between each other, low cost, easy to make, can also ensure the precision, and still can fill in high frequency induction heating equipment places, defect is only used for check the communication, but this is not to interfere with its extensive use. Induction heating - welding machine High-power output medium frequency induction heating power supply is the development of small coal - forging heating furnace Induction heating bearing induction heating - to replace it Our equipment is a large professional induction heating - We can customize the production of high frequency annealing equipment - German induction heating core technology - round steel induction heating equipment Automatic transmission - ultra-high frequency induction heating equipment For customers to eliminate technology difficulties in high frequency induction heating - welding machine Component IGBT high frequency induction heating power supply brazing - High quality welding
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