Small high frequency quenching machine that cheap price?

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-24
Small high frequency quenching machine that cheap price? Many people ask this question, but many vendors said their cheap, heng Yang small make up just like you said why so cheap, we must first understand the gear ring nut quenching inductor design in planar heating, including the advantage and disadvantage of two kinds of factors. Planar heating efficiency of the sensors used between cylindrical surface heating inductor and the heating inductor on the surface of the inner circle, the circle effect and proximity effect, leading to high frequency current and the distribution of the induced eddy current on the contrary, and reduce the heating efficiency, obvious small high frequency quenching machine cost price is lower. Small high frequency quenching machine planar heating inductor is heated by external magnetic field, so the lines of magnetic force of magnetic flux leakage and dissipation is more serious. To better ways to enhance the efficiency of the planar heating inductor, is still a card glyph magnetizer. To this end, the ring gear bearing nut with sensor design for the circle class quenching inductor, heating for the plane to the good result, the sensor card on the upper surface. * heating makes small high frequency quenching machine cost price. Price - high frequency heating machine - - To find the source manufacturers buy real professional manufacturers offer bar induction quenching furnace price how many money? Reasonable price which brand of the professional induction hardening equipment manufacturer, induction heating equipment - cheap high frequency quenching machine tool manufacturer Custom products delivery time is short of guangdong high frequency quenching vendors would - Catch the production before the May Day holiday
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