Small high frequency quenching machine - Induction hardening industrial metal parts

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-24
Most small high frequency quenching machine for industrial induction hardening, the metal parts is caused by the surface layers of components must be induced current, heating parts surface, the subsequent heat treatment of a metal surface treatment. Medium frequency induction furnace for steel in electromagnetic induction heating, machinery and equipment to carry out the induction hardening process. Small high frequency quenching machine: the basic principle of induction heating steel into the induction switch, inductive switch is usually type high frequency or high frequency alternating current, 1000 - 300000 hz or higher) The copper tube. Small high frequency quenching machine equipment small high frequency electromagnetic field in the steel quenching machine changes lead to the same frequency induction electromotive force, this kind of induction electromotive force in steel throughout is not symmetrical, the surface is strong, and in the interior is too weak, the core of close to zero, use the skin effect, can let a steel surface heating, environment temperature to 800 - within seconds 1000 oc, and core temperature rise is not big. Heng Yang small high frequency electromagnetic induction heating heat treatment quenching machine surface hardened layer depth, is the frequency of the alternating current, is generally high frequency heating depth is shallow, hardening layer depth is shallow. Small high frequency quenching electromechanical induction heating frequency selection: based on the provisions of regulation and heat treatment equipment heating deep selecting frequency, the higher the frequency heating of the deep, the light. Small high frequency quenching machine - The series resonance amplifier apparatus - high frequency quenching machine Electrical system design scheme of high frequency quenching machine - Quenching high frequency quenching machine - all kinds of mechanical parts Energy conservation and environmental protection high frequency quenching machine - save electricity energy saving Environmental protection save power - high frequency quenching machine Versatile than you might think
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