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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-24
Small: the basic principle of high frequency heating machine is to use its coming out of the high frequency machine big electricity flow into round shape of ring or must electromagnetic coil heating, high frequency machine, induction typically made with red copper hollow controls. Caused by high frequency electrical magnetic coil rotation moment transformation of strong magnetic bundle, will have to be quenched and tempered treatment of metal material is placed within the high frequency electromagnetic coil, a magnetic beam will all blocks are all heating of metal materials. In electromagnetic induction heating block inside and electromagnetic induction heating power flow, in turn, orientation, strong relativity should be caused by eddy current. Due to electromagnetic induction heating metal material memory has a resistor, and cause strong of joule heat, make the content block content block electromagnetic induction heating temperature increases rapidly, thus conditioning treatment more than the goal. As a result, small high frequency heating machine on the manufacturing industry, also can call it: high ngan intermediate frequency induction furnace; Ordinary high intermediate frequency induction rate of fire, quenching machine equipment; Magnetic induction medium frequency machine equipment; High frequency quenching machine, high frequency machine induced heating machine, high frequency welding machine, high frequency welding welding, bottom boiler heating pipe brazing machine, automation technology of mechanical equipment. Small high frequency heating machine applicable scope: metal surface treatment, metal materials, metal materials heat treatment quenching, quenching of metal material, metal material intermediate frequency, metal materials, fine welding, silver welding, soldering, metal material heat type, metal smelting, metal material preparetions plastic, etc. Small high frequency heating pause with IGBT borne power amplifier, double control and soft power switch series resonance frequency automatic tracking system software, MOSFET components and different frequency converter principle, high frequency operation smoothly. High frequency electrical induction heating machine for constant current and output power control function, improved heating metal materials. Where to sell high frequency heating machine? - Choose how much money - heng Yang yes high-frequency heating machine Is it expensive to seen knew - high-frequency heating machine Reserved extended space high frequency heating machine - quotation Factory direct price - high frequency induction heating equipment Frequency oscillation is better high frequency induction heating equipment company Meet your custom requirements of high frequency induction heating equipment High frequency induction heating equipment - German igbt technology High oscillation frequency - high frequency induction heating equipment Medium frequency induction coil of high frequency induction heating equipment annealing and tempering USES
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