Small furnace melting - Electromagnetic stirring effect is better Foshan constant Yang mechanical and electrical company

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-23
Foshan constant Yang small furnace melting speed, high production efficiency. Medium frequency induction furnace power density is big, the power of each tonne of steel liquid configuration than about 20 - power frequency induction furnace 30% as a result, in the same conditions of medium frequency induction furnace melting speed, high production efficiency. Adaptable, flexible use. Each in medium frequency induction furnace molten steel can all net, replace the steel grade is convenient. Dumping of smelting. JPG small furnace melting electromagnetic stirring effect is better, IGBT medium frequency melting furnace as a result of the liquid steel under electromagnetic force is with power frequency is inversely proportional to the square root, so stirring force of intermediate frequency power supply is smaller than power frequency power supply. For removing impurities in steel and homogeneous chemical composition, uniform temperature, stirring effect of intermediate frequency power supply is better. Precious metals smelting. JPG small furnace melting starting is easy to operate. Due to the skin effect of medium frequency current greater than the power frequency current, so the intermediate frequency induction furnace, when starting to charge no special requirements, can be quickly heated up: after charging, therefore, silicone fiber casing under the condition of cycle operation mostly use medium frequency induction furnace. Small furnace melting start convenient bring another advantage is that can save electricity when cycle operation. Harry's intermediate frequency induction melting furnace manufacturers how to intermediate frequency furnace equipment check intermediate frequency furnace in the smelting process of important parameters of the medium frequency melting furnace - How to improve the service life of crucible melting copper melting furnace - - high frequency furnace smelting quantity can choose manufacturer Induction melting furnace - keep efficiency Use brass furnace - everywhere The electromagnetic stir effect
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