Small furnace - Be sure to choose a good brand

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-23
Small furnace as the essential machinery mechanical processing industry, increasingly by jewelry shops, pawn, laboratory, information research unit, financial enterprises, schools, jewelry forging, gold jewelry recycling plant, gold concentrator, practice gold, gold ore old jewelry refinery, rolling mills, gold gold mining concentrator, precious metal machining industry, precious metals research, private gold prospectors favor such processing and manufacturing industries and preference. Poor due to the small furnace category is numerous, so a lot of stores are secretly fish in troubled waters, the smelting plant machinery and equipment configuration, characteristics on cried out, the idea, network here I want to hint you, buy a small furnace must select good famous brand, to the reliable manufacturers to buy, is not easy to be deceived. Ok, return to people speak of priority, in the moment the jagged smelter forging market sales, people should be how to distinguish the stand or fall of small melting furnace? Why common mechanical equipment so electricity consumption? In this is why many people don't adopt IGBT, even the IGBT is what also not clear, with the principle of IGBT inverter not only solve your electricity difficulties can make you more efficiency to reduce cost directly. Foshan constant Yang small furnace equipment USES the overseas import IGBT module combined with separate heating system to develop new products of professional IGBT medium frequency melting furnace, features let you unexpected good. Small furnace melting - Electromagnetic stirring effect is better
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