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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-24
General customers need custom-made small forging heating furnace are all very care about whether can deliver goods according to the contract delivery date, so both parties talk about good delivery date if can not delivery on time, customer will not happy inside, and even began to distrust the manufacturer. So people how to find a date of delivery on time, small forging heating furnace manufacturer? Time is money, time is concerned is the vitality of the company, the economic benefits do not go up, worker is lazy, is the inevitable trend in the company toward the decline and fall. In order to save time, you can find manufacturers have to find a small forging heating furnace of the manufacturer can delivery on time, like heng Yang manufacturers, heng Yang in induction heating operating for 10 years manufacturing industry, experience in design and production is very rich, and the units of production and processing equipment run for 24 hours, a full set of equipment manufacturer independent production and processing manufacturing, no outgoing phase, the manufacturing time controllability, further improve the production rate. This is the vast majority of the in is no small manufacturer of forging heating furnace production. Heng Yang has a group of professional and technical personnel, all of them are there for many years working experience in heavy personnel, processing technology, complete equipment is perfect, so if you have been in constant Yang ordering small forging heating furnace, is to be able to deliver goods on time. But also completely free for the customer delivery, free installation and training for the customer 1 - adjustment 2 professional and technical personnel. Lifetime guarantee the technical consultation, if your machine equipment have after-sales service problems, heng Yang enterprise after-sales service staff 24 hours to respond. Heng Yang as a technical professional induction heating equipment manufacturer for many years already, also built up a good user evaluation. Intermediate frequency - forging heating furnace Forging heating furnace - environmental protection and energy saving of heating method Suitable for mass production big small and medium-sized enterprises in foshan high frequency - forging heating furnace The reasonable forging heating furnace - automatic production line Forging heating furnace - PLC logic control processing Temperature control precision: + / - 1 ℃
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