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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-09-28
In the domestic many small and medium enterprises, heating forging stock is still widely used in small coal forging heating furnace. This is because the coal stove has the following advantages: the main energy of a coal prices low, rich resources, convenient transportation storage, combustion method is simple. Building furnace speed, less auxiliary equipment. Production operation independence is strong, can adjust measures to local conditions scattered building furnace, etc. However, coal stove smoke, slow, large temperature fluctuations of temperature, workpiece oxidation serious, poor operation condition, such as smoke harm, be badly in need of further reform and improve. Small coal forging heating furnace working principle of new type of highly efficient energy-saving coal-fired forge heating furnace by horizontal reciprocating grate, by variable speed institutions in various speed and stroke do reciprocating motion, the coal to the combustion chamber, the blower after the air preheater blow hot air to make media in the combustion chamber full burning, coupled with the secondary outlet into the regulation of the cooperate and flue induced draft fan air volume, heat fully into the heating chamber, achieve rapid heating of the workpiece. Small coal technology characteristics of forging heating furnace stove, the stove USES: forging billet heating, heating chamber furnace bottom area: 1. 276m × 0. 696m =0. 888 square meters; Rated capacity: 330 kg/h. * of the chamber of a stove or furnace heating temperature: 1350 ℃; Chamber of a stove or furnace normal working temperature: 1250 ℃; Calorific value of fuel coal: greater than 20900 k/kg; Fuel consumption: 100 kg/h air quantity: 750 m/h. Smoke volume: 800 ah; Air preheater preheat temperature greater than 300 ℃ the small coal forging heating furnace in November 2000 at the user side and put into production use, through the production validation: under the condition of furnace charge of about 1500 kg, within 3 hours, the furnace temperature rapidly rise to forging temperature 1250 ℃, coal consumption is about 300 kg, after nearly a year of operation, the small coal forging heating furnace can meet the production requirements, with the features of simple operation, fast heating and heat preservation effect is good, furnace temperature uniformity, low energy consumption, environmental protection standards and other significant characteristics, suitable for small and medium-sized enterprise to use. But small coal forging heating furnace is no good induction heating forging furnace, heng Yang induction heating equipment manufacturers specializing in the production of all kinds of forging heating furnace, meet the needs of the user's modern production, fast heating, zero emissions, zero pollution, environmental protection and energy saving, say goodbye to coal, electricity automatic forging furnace, welcome to buy.
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