Small and medium-sized casting enterprise melting furnace maintenance marketization and specialization

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-05-08
With the constant improvement of the level of modern casting, casting industry, widely used in the process of production mechanization, electromechanical integration equipment, the foundry workers from gradually free from heavy manual work in the past, greatly improve the working environment, reduce the labor intensity, improve the labor productivity, promoted the foundry industry technology progress and product upgrading. But, along with more and more widely used mechanical and electrical equipment, the process of production need maintenance of furnace volume has increased dramatically. Production organization, quality control, ensure construction period of growing dependence on equipment. Small and medium-sized casting enterprise melting furnace maintenance marketization and specialization because of equipment failure, maintenance level caused by the limited quality accidents, accidents, and even life accident can often be seen in the enterprise. The equipment failure and accidents, greatly affected the normal production, disrupted the normal order of production, to the enterprise caused great economic losses, and even delay the construction period, brings to the enterprise prestige. So, we must from the height of the survival and development to know the importance of equipment maintenance. Ensure the process equipment is in good working state and standby time. But in the face of the complicated equipment, most of the enterprise on its own, often appear. How to solve this problem, the author believed that the best thing to do is equipment maintenance marketization and specialization of the road. Under the modern market economy system, economic benefit is the core of enterprise survival and development. All business activities, management mode and so on must take the economic benefits as the center, around the center. As the important carrier of modern enterprise production running smoothly, equipment management and maintenance, how to satisfy the business enterprise internal needs, to meet the needs of the external market, both to ensure equipment normal operation, and to reduce the maintenance and management costs, maximize economic benefits, the maintenance management of China foundry industry is likely to be small and medium enterprises of a major issue, and also is a maintenance concept and maintenance system reform. Therefore, we should adjust the equipment maintenance management policy and strategy, to seek the way out to solve this problem and direction! In traditional foundry enterprises, because of technology, mainly manual production mode, rarely used machinery and equipment. Enterprise production activities on the dependence of the mechanical equipment is small, production management and quality are less affected by the equipment failure. The business enterprise inside don't buy only a small amount of maintenance power, still can make the normal operation of production. Then the operation of the tool may be a shovel spoon and lift hook, not out of order, much less maintenance. Even if in the later production using some simple equipment, and have corresponding maintenance personnel, but the time limitations and the influence of the guiding ideology, the cultural level of the maintenance personnel and technical ability is low, maintenance means lag behind, such as weld of a lot more simple work may also play, it is difficult to imagine the fault is helpless. And maintenance quality is not high.
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