Small and medium - induction heating equipment Prefabricated parts and its related

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-02
Small and medium-sized induction heating equipment and related prefabricated, it can be soft power transformer is far from the power supply system for soldering position of gathering pipeline. At that time, can immediately use 2 root twist together over all length of coaxial output electric blanket, respectively on the electrical equipment electrical conductor inside and outside of the electric conductor together ( And the connecting method) , make its high-frequency current value out of the power transformer experience is the transmission to the induction switch. Due to cable connection after rheostat is not large, so even in frequency inductive heating cable impedance and more than 50 feet interval also with electric welding welding under the condition of the composition of a switching power supply transformer impedance is consistent. Due to its rheostat is not large, insulation materials and not easy to overheating, so need for water-cooled radiator in the cable, so, the cable has the flexibility, turnning light again. From the induction heating equipment after the generator and transformer output, according to cable connection to the power supply and distribution system should be in the intervals of steel, the induction switch on. Switch power supply connection is important in the appropriate method ( Such as clip or bandage) Twist the cable together. Because the structure of the cable is the same, is the internal electric conductor cable in administration, placed within an electric conductor and electric conductor of coaxial output, with appropriate chemicals will be cable sheath. Induction heating equipment with cable and an additional cable sheath, add it out electric conductor, outside of an electric conductor and coaxial output between each other will be separated by metal composite material shielding layer; Cable is also a convenient set of outside layer, it USES the appropriate class of moisture resistance conductivity materials. - induction heating equipment Coupling effect - heating well-balanced induction heating equipment Material size and material decided to power - induction heating equipment The stand or fall of sensors determine heating effect
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