Sichuan - induction heater manufacturer Spread the use of heating is introduced in detail

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-25
Heng Yang sichuan diffusion heating induction heating furnace manufacturer in detail the use of induction heating furnace for the whole batch of metal material is heated to a certain requirements in terms of temperature is a simple way. It is able to replace large volume and the start and turn off time a taller efficiency low furnace heating. , by contrast, induction heating equipment with small specification, quick start, cleanliness and high efficiency advantages. Induction heating furnace electric energy can be directly into the product of the workpiece, the short heating usually asked to several minutes except for large objects to carry out the heating, and this kind of heating process is very suitable to the production process automation technology. Although the cost of electricity in the single his energy is higher, but according to the heating of high efficient to fill in many aspects. Heng Yang sichuan induction heater manufacturer stated already and will be the first to carry out detailed induction heating caused on the surface of a certain deep at 50 hz frequency from the indoor temperature of heating, heating of steel copper layer deep to 2 mm to 10 mm. Heating of the heat must do according to the thermal conductivity of round or part of the billet. Rare metal have higher heat transfer coefficient, heat to the part of the problem is not big, but for steel and other metal materials of low heat conduction coefficient, we must guard against surface overtemperature and molten state. Heat diffusion is heated to be a key part of the study of science. Is a typical Zha sense of billet heating furnace. Because heng Yang sichuan induction heating furnace manufacturer does not seek to launch for a heating layer is limited to surface category such as quenching, so can choose low frequency to heat. So that don't convert frequency dc attaches great importance to the induction heating is very obvious, and the high frequency induction heating has the common main purposes. Diffusion heat available to forging, molding production and processing, quenching and feeling empty smelting. Can also be used to heat extrusion of aluminum and other rare metals. This heating using the output power is strong, because the production of furnace efficiency of at several tons, so the power rating must be very big despite billions kilowatt is not rare, and often see more hundred KW. Thermal conductivity of the entities, resulting in the unique problems of stainless steel plate heat. Shanghai heng Yang current deep induction heating furnace manufacturer and the harm of heat radiation heng Yang high frequency induction heating furnace manufacturer - shenzhen Rapid proofing Beijing medium frequency induction heating furnace gas reducing hazards prevention phenomenon of medium frequency induction heating furnace lighter - henan induction heating furnace manufacturer Conform to the natural environment standard
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