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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-26
Heng Yang shenyang inner surface induction heating equipment manufacturer with a aluminum silicate refractory fiber casing to adiabatic Wells with a thin nickel chrome titanium heat Taiwan split bundles of gold to protect it from mechanical damage. This type of induction coil is with 3 mm thick copper belt winding round ring. The copper is to use thin sheet has a surface covered with fluorocarbon resin for insulation insulation tape. Induction cut all in a commandant of the circulating water in the sealed container, and only the edge of the cooling coil.     Heng Yang shenyang induction heating equipment manufacturers think for 30 to 40 * efficiency can be obtained, but the figure caused power factor decreases, and with the power of the old count revised to balance the cost of electricity efficiency, has been estimated that the thickness of the coil is greatly lower than produce * * efficiency when thickness, normally just l2 to the 14th floor.     All interturn isolated embedded block width of 0. 83. Induction coil must be conducted in the axial or radial support, heng Yang shenyang induction heating equipment manufacturers in order to prevent the electromagnetic force of workpiece deformation.
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