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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-27
Heng Yang Shanghai high frequency induction heating furnace manufacturer selects the high ash content of coke, also can suppress the effect of carbonization. Iron smelting low-carbon environmental protection with the coke, the reflective with no more than 25% advisable. In addition, by the level of waste electrical part of coke can be received less actual effect of carburization. Superficial, reasonable ratio of hearth, a former furnace of high frequency induction furnace smelting low-carbon green pig iron. Iron smelting low carbon environmental protection, because the recycled waste within the match into the large amount of scrap steel, iron and scrap steel most deposition rate is lower than the general material, therefore, in order to ensure sufficient recycled waste heat, reasonable ratio of furnace is usually moderate. In addition, in order to reduce furnace carbon addition, also should as far as possible to reduce the hearth height to width ratio, the outlet moderately increase the number of columns, and set before the furnace. Manipulation of the coal ash characteristics of weak alkaline. Moderate increase coal ash ph value, which is beneficial to Fe0 scattered dissolved in the slag, the cementation effect. In malleable cast iron smelting, therefore, many factories of dolomite usage above 50% of the layer of coke, slag composition of Ca0 in some 50% up and down. But in acid and alkaline high frequency induction furnace under the standard, coal ash ph is not suitable for too high, to prevent excessive burden corrosion is more serious. In short, low carbon environmental protection pig iron is in the low carbon environmental protection of the metal materials basically, under the condition of the premise of guarantee molten iron temperature, in good for carbon reduction smelting under adverse increase carbon standards. Although melting result is still the carburization, increase my quantity is much less after all, due to the Shanghai urban district in the high frequency induction furnace melting, even if all the scrap steel, metal materials and recycled waste under the special standard, also can melt carbon content in 3. High carbon steel ladle is over 5%. Heng Yang - high frequency induction heating furnace manufacturer in guangdong No radiation heng Yang high frequency induction heating furnace manufacturer - shenzhen Rapid proofing
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