Shanghai heng Yang induction current deep, and the harm of heat radiation heater manufacturer

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-27
Shanghai heng Yang induction heater manufacturer of induction heating furnace heat is within Jin Fu induced current. Because of damage to the basic theory contains the Bessel function, and therefore must be same. Is obtained by the temperature of the adjusted around the curve. Should pay attention to this kind of graph is constant curve graph namely transient situation had disappeared. Shanghai induction furnace manufacturer in some first by simplifying assumption as the basic measure radiation source, the result summary on the circle. Be sure to clear. This graph should be carefully applied, due to the radiation source with external temperature changes, so every moment in the heating cycle time of radial Yi coconut is not the same. Without a doubt, the radiation source is can not be ignored. All born gradually training using a computer is very easy to calculate temperature within the scope of the size of the radiation source.
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