Selection of medium frequency melting furnace - Aluminum enterprise to carry out the final spread outside the deamination deamination

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-22
Flue gas desulfurization material to the way into the air, and the reflection has been carried out towards the orientation of the flue gas desulfurization. Electroslag medium frequency melting furnace enterprise to manufacture steel, which is low in sulfur and gold. When after the flue gas desulfurization, the slag adding deoxidant to spread out to take off the ammonia. Deoxidizer fans and coke powder, silica alumina powder, etc. The first times the coke powder is added to the surface of slag adding amount of steel, compound is recovery at this time, and then in sequence to add silicon fans, alumina powder. Because there are obvious induced mixing, spread out to take off the ammonia time drastically reduced. Selection of medium frequency melting furnace are aluminum will spread outside the deamination deamination, if choose general casting will be selected if termination of electroslag heating electric slag induction suction filter casting, electroslag casting of inductive heating again. There are two ways to electroslag induction pouring furnace. A casting method for force, it as same as general induction pouring furnace. Another method for the suction filter, this kind of way can make electric slag induction furnace advantages into full play. Electroslag induction furnace of the suction filter in the casting process, the slag and desolventizing pouring are centrifugal machine mold, under the effect of centrifugal force, are different because of the relative density of slag and shape memory alloy completely isolated, first, the introduction of mold slag roasting slag in mold wall condensation skin, avoid mold shape memory alloy and adhesion. Promoted embryo process performance, MAO was run to the free surface of slag to produce its thickness of slag skin, this layer of slag skin has the effect of the heat insulation cap, MAO embryo is cyst condensation forming sequence in the slag skin both inside and outside. Desolventizing temperature control by the melting point of steel and steel crossing by electroslag intermediate frequency furnace enterprise migration to the whole process of mold inside the temperature drop is clear, is generally efficient liquidus temperature of the steel pressure hydrogenation, and move the whole process of temperature drop. Industry in the experimental process, the electric ballast induction furnace tapping temperature control in the category. High temperature of slag, good liquidity casting parts surface is bright and clean, but the corrosion will make the burden heavier. Heng Yang medium frequency melting furnace manufacturers selling, the price preferential; Application of high quality copper tube, to ensure quality, safety induction power supply green is easy operation, can blend in changing the production and processing of natural environment, it is not easy to damage, a batch of, buy ten to one, equipment can show the repair maintenance, technical professional technical after-sales service team, 24 hours services, solve difficulties
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