Select the vacuum annealing furnace needs to pay attention to the following factors

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-08
Vacuum annealing furnace is an important equipment of vacuum heat treatment. Air pressure in the furnace under normal pressure. In furnace atmosphere is equivalent to a gas, can make the heat treatment didn't work oxidation. The purpose of the vacuum furnace is very wide, it is mainly used for structural steel, not induced steel, heat-resistant alloy, precision alloy, and material of vacuum tempering, aging, annealing, quenching, can also be used in the vacuum degassing, brazing and sintering, etc. Choice of vacuum annealing furnace, therefore, need to pay attention to the following factors: 1, vacuum furnace, choose according to the parts to be heat treatment chemical composition and heating temperature implementation must satisfy the relationship of metal oxide and carbon monoxide balance decompression and to consider a certain room do not pursue high high vacuum degree of vacuum degree not only cause the volatilization of alloy elements and will cause the equipment configuration for improvement of the investment cost increase. 2 vacuum furnace in the form of cooling, cooling oil cooled and air cooled. At present mainly air cooled for air-cooled heat treatment parts without any pollution and bad influence oil cooled surface micro carburizing problems after the impact on the quality of processing surface clean don't need to wash so meet the conditions of cooling rate on gas cooling quenching in the first place. The cooling speed of air cooled mainly by the form and distribution of air pressure, velocity and flow under the influence of such factors as to fully consider when the choice. General situation of high pressure, velocity, fast cooling or cooling rate is directly affected by the air pressure and velocity. Other air cooled heat exchanger when the cooling water flow for the actual cooling has obvious effect. We feel the same pressure and flow conditions are cooling water flow supplied by speeding up cooling speed. Uniformity of cooling is very important to have some distribution of vacuum furnace nozzle design considering the insufficiency is not set by the oven door side jet nozzle using cooling velocity have obvious differences found in especially large parts more significant deterioration in quenching and uniformity. 3, hot pressing sintering furnace heating element forms vacuum furnace heating elements and materials in the form of a certain different general with plate and rod type multiple materials for high quality graphite. In recent years, the emergence of CFC carbon carbon composite material showed a larger technology advantage has a tendency to replace graphite. Under the condition of same power CFC material thickness thin relatively small heat storage is helpful to improve the cooling speed. 4, function to consider the stove purchase process of the commonality quenching tempering temperature range is wide. Especially in processing high alloy steel tempering temperature is higher and don't come directly after quenching tempering is very convenient. 5, the control system is the core part of the vacuum furnace to ensure its reliability and integrity and its important. It is better for monitoring and fault display, recording function for imported equipment need to be equipped with remote monitoring function to ensure fault handling timely to reduce maintenance costs. 6, other sealing and the reliability of the vacuum system configuration is also important. Equipment model is from the form to multifarious must on the basis of the comparison to reliable.
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