Safety operation furnace eight points for attention

by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-04-02
Melting furnace is a very dangerous equipment, the temperature is very high, when we in the production operation at ordinary times must pay attention to safety! Below I introduce simple melting furnace for everybody should pay attention to the problems in practical operation. Safety operation before eight note 1 melting furnace, furnace to check good electrical equipment, water cooling system, sensor tubes are in good condition, otherwise prohibited furnace. 2, furnace melting in excess of the prescribed shall promptly repair. It is strictly prohibited in melting too deep inside the crucible for melting. 3, sending and furnace should have someone who's in charge, after sending it is forbidden to contact sensors and cables. On duty shall not leave post, pay attention to the sensor and external circumstance of crucible. 4, loading, should check harmful items such as burden in presence of flammable and explosive mixed with, if you have to remove timely, it is forbidden to cold and wet material directly add to the liquid steel, melted liquid filled with first division after it is forbidden to chunk is expected to join in case cover. 5, and tamped crucible, scrap iron, iron oxide are forbidden to mix, rammed crucible must be compact. 6, pouring fields and official pit furnace should have no obstacle, no water, in case the steel landing explode. 7, molten steel are not allowed to dress too full, hand carry bags when pouring, two of them should be conformed to walk should be smooth, not allowed to walk fast abrupt stop, after pouring yu gang in a designated place, it is forbidden to dump. 8, intermediate frequency generator room should be kept clean, it is strictly prohibited flammable and explosive goods and other debris into indoor, indoor smoking ban. I hope everyone can keep in mind the above points, in the usual operation must be more careful!
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