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by:Hengyang Furnace     2020-10-21
At present, in order to achieve a variety of metal materials the heating requirements of steel, round steel induction heating equipment of electromagnetic coil design also is diverse. In general, the electromagnetic coil design should pay attention to, should as far as possible improve electromagnetic coupling coil and steel metal materials. It a little from the transformer winding in the middle of the coupling efficiency and their spacing square meters is to understand the features, coupling the higher, the higher the kinetic energy transfer. Foshan round steel induction heating equipment round steel coil of electromagnetic induction heating equipment in the side of the magnetic induction line than magnetic induction on either side of the line is more centralized, gather and side near the electromagnetic coil in the region, and a fall in to the side management center. This bit of cylindrical steel heating of spiral electromagnetic coil and female in terms of heating coil reflect more significantly, a spiral coil of wire coil is * with high efficiency, and the internal thread heating coil is *. And therefore should be used in side to heating as much as possible. Heng Yang round steel induction heating equipment design must pay attention to avoid round steel coil induction heating equipment in the middle of the electromagnetic field offset each other and heating efficiency, this a little for some unique way of heating coil especially in must pay attention to parsing. For round steel induction heating equipment more turn coil, turn and turn in the middle of the pitch diameter should design more closely, in order to improve the relative density of magnetic induction lines, but avoid plugging turn short circuit fault, insulation measures should be used when necessary.
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